"How to Make a Visual Novel" Presentation Notes!

We're doing a talk for GeekGirlCONLINE about visual novels on 10/24 at 1pm PST! There's a lot of info in this talk, so this post is a quick reference guide you can check to get any links you miss during the talk. The Powerpoint slides are also attached!

(If this is your first time hearing about prettysmart games, you can check out our visual novel Code Romantic on Steam or Itchio, check out our Twitter or follow Miko on Twitch for game dev streams!)

Resources Links:

Game Engines (in order of complexity):

Visual novels mentioned or screenshotted in the presentation:

Extra Notepad++ Tips:

  • Associate .rpy with Python: Settings -> Style Configurator -> Click Python under "Language" -> Add "rpy" to "User ext."
  • View tabs so you can avoid them: View -> Show Symbol -> Check "Show White Space and TAB"
  • Switch tabs to spaces: Settings -> Preferences -> Language -> Check "replace by space"

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