Another huge collab : Meezul's Mansion (free)

Oct 24, 2020

Hello patrons!

Spooky month didn't end yet, and so I come back with another huge collaboration, made with 18!! other content creators. This content is free, but Guardians+ can get two additional ambiences on another post.

If you aren't a patron yet, consider supporting my work to get dozens of exclusive ambiences, incredible collaborations, maps and orchestral RPG songs :)

Project description

It’s that time of year again. The air grows cooler and the greens of summer burst into hues of gold and red. The harvest is reaped and the children stir as if manifesting the restless spirits they mimic in their costumes. The Festival of Souls is upon us, and while the townsfolk prepare for the season’s festivities, the entity who inspired these very traditions grows ever more sour for having been forgotten to time...

Meezul’s Mysterious Mansion is a light-hearted 5e adventure for 5th level characters crafted as a collaborative project by a team of 19 TTRPG creators and released for free for the community to enjoy. This collaboration includes a 13 page illustrated adventure with 5 music tracks, 3 ambient tracks, 7 new monsters, 11 unique tokens and 10 battle maps. Please check out the work of the following contributors:


Benjamin Palmer - |

  • Adventures Await creates adventures, monsters, and magic items for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Humperdink’s Wares - 


Domille’s Wondrous Works -

  • Unique battle maps of magical, and sometimes spooky, locations.

Venatus Maps -

  • Venatus Maps has been in the cartography game for years, creating a large variety of maps for all manner of purposes with the intent of equipping dungeon masters everywhere with high quality maps to use with their players! Come check out their work now for loads of free maps as well as literally thousands of free assets to construct your own!

Limithron -

  • Luke has been fascinated with swashbucklers and the Golden Age of Piracy ever since he first rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride when he was 5. Now he makes pirate themed maps and assets as Limithron.

Oak+Resin -

  • Oak+Resin is a Patreon project where you can get monthly battle maps for your favorite games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and more!

Miska’s Maps -

  • Miska's Maps is creating battle maps and deckplans for sci-fi, cyberpunk, and fantasy RPGs.

Beneos Battlemaps -

GoAdventureMaps -

  • GoAdventureMaps is creating battle maps for playing Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Roll20, Dungeon World, or other fantasy settings.

Mik and Wewa -

  • Mikey and Wewa are creating hand-drawn battlemaps, assets, encounters & adventures

Zach Moeller -

  • Zach Moeller is an illustrator and outdoor enthusiast who draws inspiration from the scent of trees, the immutability of stone, old maps, and long trails. A lifelong player and second generation DM, Zach has always felt compelled to create custom maps and art assets for his own campaigns, and now he is sharing them with the TTRPG community.


Azzyfree -

  • Toy-Tokens is a brand of retro inspired virtual tabletop tokens created by AzzyFree. With care put into each design, dynamic posing and a new theme every month; Toy-Tokens bring a bit of life to every tabletop.

Zach Moeller -

Monster Tokens

Azzyfree -

Domille’s Wondrous Works -


Amellwind -

  • Amellwind creates custom monsters, magic items, and races in addition to providing early access and extra content to his 5e Monster Hunter Supplement. The supplement consists of a 200 page Monster Hunter Monster Manual; a 150+ page Guide to Monster Hunting with lore,

Humperdink’s Wares -

Magical Items

The Griffon’s Saddlebag - | Benjamin Palmer - |


Ela Morana -

  • Ela Morana is making music inspired by MTG and D&D for you to use in your games.

Music d20 -

  • Music d20 releases new tracks each week to help you score your RPG sessions. With hours and hours of music already released, track variants, loopable mp3s, and a dedicated playback app, Music d20 makes it easy to DJ while you DM.

Boy King of Idaho -

  • Boy King of Idaho writes unique and immersive music + ambient soundscapes for ttrpg games like D&D. Big battle tracks, sweet and quiet ditties, dark and sinister tones, synthy and sci-fi vibes - all the loop-friendly audio a session might need.

Adventure Music -

  • Adventure Music writes original music for tabletop games. We offer standard tracks, loops, expansions and high quality collaborations with other content creators. Let us bring the immersion! -


Michael Ghelfi -

  • Michael Ghelfi is a self-taught music composer and sound designer from Switzerland. He aims at creating the greatest fantasy sound experience, by creating the fullest and most immersive soundscapes and ambiences collection. He already has a hoard of several hundred pieces. Not only his ambiences cover the widest range of situations of anything that’s currently available on the internet, but it’s always made with two objectives in mind : quality and usability.


Domille’s Wondrous Works -

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  • Eternal Gratitude. Unique Discord unique rank of Conclave's Sage.

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