This is a starting point for a Drum and Bass patch, including an automated FX section.

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MindMeld: MindMeld




Impromptu: Impromptu



QuantalAudio: QuantalAudio

    Blank Panel | 1HP

Valley: Valley







    DissonantVerb: Plate Reverb

    Ambuance Reverb

Bogaudio: Bogaudio


VCV: Fundamental

    Sequential Switch 2

Count Modula: Count Modula

    Voltage Inverter

Autodafe - DrumKit: Autodafe - DrumKit

    Drums - Kick

    Drums - Snare

    Drums - Closed Hats

    Drums - HiHat Open

Vult: Vult Modules Free

    Debriatus (Free)

Bark: Coirt / Bark



    Reverb Fx

Bacon Music: Bacon Music