Welcome and thank you!

Hi viewers, supporters, friends, and best friends!

First off, thank you so very much for all your support. No matter if you're a patron, considering becoming one, a subscriber, a returning, or a one-time viewer, I am very thankful for your interest in me, my videos, and my opinions.

This post serves as a welcome to everyone, as a guide to new Patrons, and as a Q&A as to why I have a Patreon in the first place.

Info for everyone:

  • I will continue to upload blocked reactions on here. All posts that are intended to be viewed by everyone will be tagged with "public". If you're ever looking for a specific post, want to watch a blocked MV reaction, or just want to see what I have been posting public, you can search through that tag. I also tag everything with the artist name so if you're looking for reactions to a specific artist, look for that tag.

A message to everyone who is considering becoming a Patron:

  • First off, thank you! I have been doing Patreon for a few months now but am still figuring out what I can and can't offer, what I have, and don't have the time for. My current (March 2021) schedule allows for 3 monthly videos. I am planning on adding more and/or better perks as time passes and I can better evaluate what I can offer. In the meantime, I am open to suggestions!

Restrictions on the One-time reaction request ("Best Friend" tier):

  • The video you request can be no longer than 30 minutes. You can request anything kpop related (music videos, bsides, lyric videos, dance practices, guides, crack videos, compilations, performances on Queendom or KOMS, etc.). I will upload the reaction to YouTube or here on Patreon, depending on the copyright or your preference.
  • Currently, the "Best Friend" tier has limited availability. This is because I don't want to be overwhelmed with reaction requests that all need to be done at the same time. I will gradually add more availability as I fulfill requests or if I notice I have the time for more.

Now onto why I am opening a Patreon.

1. Why did you create a Patreon in the first place?

  • I initially made this page only as a way to share reactions that were blocked on YouTube. I thought Patreon had its own uploading platform, which would erase the issue of Vimeo's space limit. Turns out it doesn't and I still have to upload to Vimeo. Nonetheless, I settled on Patreon since I like the posting feature and think it's a great way to organize my videos and interact with viewers.
    Blocked MV reactions will always be available to the public. No need to become a Patron, they will be accessible to everyone.

2. Why are you asking for support?

  • Bulletpoint version:
    Offering Tiers and possibly making money through Patreon enables me to:
a. Reward the Patrons I already had, who didn't receive anything in return for their pledges.
b. Update and add equipment which means better videos and more types of videos.
c. Upload videos more frequently, which means less waiting time in between my reactions and faster reactions to comebacks.
d. Treat my channel not only as hobby but as a part-time or full-time job.
  • Detailed version:

    a. While I was using Patreon only to upload blocked reactions, two people decided to support me and became my first Patrons. This was very appreciated and amazing, but I couldn't offer them anything in return for their pledges. I wanted to thank them by giving them something special, so I started thinking of possible rewards and came up with my tiers.
    b. My current set-up and equipment aren't the most efficient way to work (take a look here). Having better/different equipment would make my filming and editing process faster and easier. On top of that, I have many video ideas that I can't realize without certain equipment (like greenscreens, more lights, a desk, etc.) I would love to be able to improve and expand my channel with more unique and fun content.
    c. I am currently unemployed and spend half my week job hunting (and failing) and the other half on my channel. With financial support, I would be able to see my channel as at least a part-time job, and spend more time on it, which would enable me to upload videos more frequently. I currently can only upload three times a week, which means the waiting times between group reactions are weeks. That's not only frustrating for me but also for my viewers, and I'd like to change that.
    d. A long-term goal for my channel would be to make it a full-time job and really give it my all and make it the best it can be. As mentioned, I'm job hunting currently, and sooner or later I will need to make money from what I do during the week. Once I find a full-time job, it might be difficult for me to even upload videos 3 times a week. I want to avoid dragging videos out even longer or possibly having to put the channel on hold altogether.

3. Why do you HAVE to make money? Aren't you doing this for fun?

  • I am definitely doing this for and with fun but unfortunately, I can only continue my channel as it is now, if I get financial support in the future. This channel is first and foremost a hobby, but it does take a significant amount of time and effort. I am currently unemployed, living off my savings and with the help of my parents, and can therefore spend half of my week on this channel. Sooner rather than later I will have to take up some kind of job to support myself and make money to survive. Once I do that, I will have much less time for the channel, which could result in worse quality videos, fewer videos or maybe even pausing my channel.

4. Why don't you just monetize your videos?

  • All of my reaction videos are copyrighted. Copyrighted videos are monetized by the company that owns the material, so any and all ads that may appear on a reaction video were not put there by me, and the money earned from them does not go to me (e.g. the money from Seventeen reactions goes to Pledis/BigHit Entertainment). 
  • The only types of videos I can and have monetized are my unboxings and my Fav MV Series videos, which altogether have earned me 3$ so far. To really make money from monetization, I would need more monetized videos and more views. Google Adsense only lets you pay out your earnings once you reach 70$, getting there at this rate might take me years.

5. Okay so what exactly are you gonna do with the money?

In the order of importance/based on the amount I would make:

  • Buy equipment that would make filming and editing faster and easier, and enable me to do more types of videos. Things like: a desk (I currently work like this), a real computer (I only have a laptop), a green screen and the necessary lights for video ideas, maybe something to make my wifi better (if something like that exists?).
  • Pay rent, buy food, basically support my living situation.

Edit (March 2020) - Things I was already able to buy thanks to my Patrons:

  • A lavalier mic (for better audio quality)
  • A webcam (for potential live streams and as a backup for my camera)
  • A new external hard drive (for more storage space and faster editing)

6. I can't afford to support you, so now I'll be missing out on content!

  • Yes and no.

    I tried very hard to offer benefits and rewards that were interesting, but didn't make anyone feel as though they "now have to pay for content". Everything you subscribed to my channel for: ALL planned music video reactions, the "Fav MV" series, the "MV Breakdown Series", the "DISCOVERY Series" etc. will continue to be completely free.
    I will not make them early access, I will not upload the "full version" here. Everything that is and was once intended for my channel, will stay there and be free for anyone to watch.

    Though in order for people to support me financially, I have to offer them something in return. Something that they're paying for that isn't also available for free. Yes, you will be missing out on those monthly videos, but if I didn't have this Patreon, you would also miss out on it, since I would never film or upload it otherwise. What I offer here, I never planned on uploading on my channel. This includes full album listens, and any other kind of video I offer to make here.

My goal is and always has been to be independent and to work as a freelancer. Your interest in my channel has opened up the opportunity of possibly making YouTube my job, which I would love to do. I spend most of my week working on this channel, I enjoy making content, interacting with you, and hopefully entertain and educate. To be able to make a living by continuing to do this, would be a dream come true.

I think this is all I have to say for now. If more questions come up, I will edit this post and add them. This post will serve as the "guide" post for now. 

Thank you very much for reading.
- Sarah

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