Hallowe´en - happy or not, it´s video premiere time.


it´s a weird ´un. We who adore creepy and mystic, apocalyptic and catastrophic, devastated and hopeless sceneries and descriptions in our art, stand gaping open mouthed as the world revolves more and more towards these scenarios in real life.

Human stupidity seems borderless. As seems our greed.

Nevertheless, I´m putting stuff up for sale this Hallowe´en :-)

The DOLL´S HOUSE EP is now available on all our bandcamp accounts, and you may consider giving it to your friends for Christmas. I am just, on request in the facebook group, making a set of postcards, half silly, half creepy, that will also contain gift vouchers for bandcamp codes. You will get them too in a downloadable version of course.

As the US elections - which always seem like a world election, but with only a handful of people eligible to vote - is coming up, I am also releasing HOW THINGS DO END in a more shiny version which I´m also uploading in the post here, you will get a notification of the change. As it is not part of an album yet but doesn´t really fit with DAS NEUE NORMAL, I spontaneously decided to open up another EP, DELETED SCENES. I´m sure there will be quite some more songs coming up in English language and Synth Wave style to fill that up.

Both releases, as usual, you can find on https://felineandstrange.bandcamp.com. Please spread the word.

Next week, there will be another chapter of the PUPPENHAUS novel, to celebrate being halfassey locked in in Germany, which means everything goes on as usual EXCEPT everything ENTERTAINING (in the precise words of our government).


But today, it´s Halloween. Something ends. And every end means a new beginning as long as life exists.

I redid the solo performance of NIGHT I made for the Darkstream Festival, and put it up on Youtube as a premiere for today 18:00 CEST. Be there with me please and invite everyone for a little party :-)

The good news? I seem to have gotten a grant which was spread amongst Berlin freelance artists by drawing lots. I´m not kidding. First time ever I won something by luck, so I´m sceptical until I actually see some money. So far there´s only my name on a list, and who guarantees that there´s not two artists of my name in Berlin?

If the money arrives for real, it means I don´t have to worry about paying bills for 6 months, unless I will have to use it to repay the freelancer grant we all got in the first lockdown (many people have to, forced by police, because they altered the rules AFTER paying as they realised HOW MANY entrepreneurs there are in Germany). That also means I can put out a lot more stuff for you for free :-)

a good time to join patreon, or to invite your friends.

so much for me. 

how are you all doing? Wherever you are?

how´s Halloween? How´s the weather? How´s the Rona in your country? Are you feeling safe, more or less?

love you.

as always,

stay sane, 

and watch the sky.


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