Sneak Peak #10 Hkr

Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

So many games' release dates have gotten postponed lately and Hkr might add up to the list. See, at the beginning of this project I was hoping I'd be able to spend more time working on it. I'm not saying I haven't been able to do what I'd planned BUT, and it's a big but, some things happened and keep happening. Two members of my closest family contracted COVID and have been under quarantine for almost a month, coughing and being bored out of their minds. It's been a little extra, doing shopping for two houses, while adjusting back to do my daily job. I don't mind taking care of my family one way or another but some things changing at my daily job got me super upset. Which means this year will be the last one I spend with this company. I need to work harder on them games now.

That being said, let me tell you how the works on Hkr are going: most of the programming is done, I kinda got most of the mechanics down, now I need to create levels (there'll be 10 big ones!), draw all of them (at this point I have 9 out of 40 I can call somewhat done), get the music and sounds in correct places (I've chosen all of them, now I just need to buy them). Happily, all the stories are done and written down.

Are you happy with the update? I missed posting anything for you and I also felt bad for leaving you out on my struggle. I hope you're having better time and soon I'll be having better time.

Stay safe and awesome!