New Patron Perks, Annual Discounts, and MxRP 2 News

Howdy folks, 

We said we'd get around to revamping the Patreon a little bit for you, and we finally have! We've updated the goals and tiers a bit and, finally, added Discord roles. There's a secret clubhouse channel now. 

MxRP 2 development is in full swing, and so far I've gotten prototypes for the new user profile feature working, and am working on character profiles. After that I'll be working out search logic - w'ere hoping to open up beta access to Kickstarter backers in December, once we send out the merch stuff (it's easier for us to do everything in one go rather than piecemeal). There'll also be a second wave, closer to release, of beta access for patrons. 

Going forward, we've also decided to offer some perks for patrons on the site. We'll have a way to connect your patreon account to your MxRP account so you can get them. What these perks are is still up in the air, but the big one, most likely, will be log server access. With the Kickstarter, we unfortunately had many people pledge and then not pay. This affected the financial projections significantly, and, as we said from the get-go when perpetual logging would need a new server and we could only commit if we had the consistent monthly income to support it, we feel there's a balance to be struck between incentivising people to help us survive, and functionality. 

Given the log server requires an outlay of several thousand dollars over the course of a couple of years, we think this isn't an unreasonable way to go about it, albeit one that might annoy a few people. We'll give more info on what other perks patrons get down the line - we want to get the core site working before playing with that stuff. We'll consider $1 the tip jar tier, and then $5 the tier that starts getting rewards. 

For those of you who aren't patrons yet - or in fact, are, but I didn't know how else to segway into this - we've enabled annual billing on the Patreon! If you swap to annual billing in the next month, you'll get two months free for your subscription. After the release of MxRP 2, that'll change to one month free. All the money goes directly into MxRP and paying for the servers and our time spent developing it, and the more we get, the more time we can justify working on it. If you'd like to switch to annual instead of monthly and get that sweet discount, here's a guide on how to do it. 

Feel free to join the Discord to discuss!

- Thell

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