Writing Fantasy 1.0.7

So this month I've been (foolishly) working on a gamebook for both the Gamebook Jam and NaNoWriMo, and noticed that my gamebook system for twine needed a little attention, so I've updated it!

You can now mark a passage as the ending, and it will be the last numbered passage (a fighting fantasy feature I missed. oops!)

Also you can mark passages as front/back matter so you can add introductions, rules, credits etc without having to make them be numbered passages or screwing around with exported html

Anyway, the guide is here (and has been updated), and has the link you need to throw into twine.

Update: I needed new features so 1.0.8 can now:

  • Have links which are just a passage number, with no "Turn to XYZ"
  • Have passages with fixed (not-shuffled) numbers, so you can have a puzzle where the passage number is the solution
  • Use emoji, because I finally specified UTF-8 in the html

Update (Sep 2021): New 1.0.9 things:

  • front/back matter passages can have their order specified
  • writing fantasy now has an icon!

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