Tabitha's Daydreams - a Joshua's Nightmares Choose Your Own Adventure Novel
Surprise! I was considering a few ways to approach this, and then decided to just have a go at it tonight. Shamelessly harnessing the energy and attention to the Super Bowl (which is basically just a night of drinking and eating too much for me anyway). 

Tabitha's Daydreams is the third installment in the Joshua's Nightmares series (with the first being Joshua Harkin and the Wicked Nightmare King and the second one being stuck in first draft Hell). There will be some spoilery moments for book one, so consider yourselves warned. This, I think, is how I would like to give more back to the people who support my writing; by giving you folks a chance to shape one of my works. Tabitha's Daydreams is very much a work-in-progress, and so I invite my patrons (and all readers for the first few installments) to take on the role of lucid dreamers. You--yes you--can help shape this story and the paths it takes. 

Installment one to follow soon.

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