~ Jelly Kitty Club FAQ ~


★ When will I be charged, and how often?

Patreon begins processing payments on the 1st of the month. Monthly pledges are a flat rate that will automatically renew monthly until your pledge is deleted.

★ When will my pin ship out?

My aim is during that month; however production times can vary! I will give updates to patrons as I’m organising shipment!


Australia: 3 - 10 business days

International: 2 - 10 weeks

★ How will my rewards come?

I aim to send rewards as safely as possible; I use bubble mailers and try to keep things flat. However over time I’ll improve things further based on your feedback!

★ Do you give out tracking numbers?

Domestic: These are untracked; if you don’t receive your rewards before the start of the month after (eg; Not getting December rewards before January), feel free to ask me what’s up! It could be as simple as me not sending it as early as I would usually. I may end up changing this to use a tracked method in future!

International: I can on request! Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy system that can automatically email you the tracking numbers once they appear, so the time to do that is quite substantial. That said, be assured your packages do have tracking numbers.

★ Why does the international tier have a higher cost?

I wish I could offer everything at the same price! Postage internationally is very expensive (I do eat some of the cost myself), but I’ve tried to keep it as affordable as possible, while giving you cool rewards!

★ Can you combine my pin club package with an online store order?

I can! Any orders you make using your Patreon Discount Code can be combined into that month’s Patreon package, assuming it hasn’t shipped yet. Use the cheapest shipping method available (this covers the increased cost of postage for the extra items!)



★ I joined on January 1st. Does this mean I will receive the January rewards?

At present, no. To receive a month’s reward, you need to ensure you’re a Patron before the 1st of that month. I always try to show the next month's reward early the previous month for you to be able to make up your mind!

Example: If you want December's reward, you have to be a Patron before December 1. 

★ My card was declined and didn’t go through until after you already shipped out the rewards. Will I still get my pin/stickers and monthly password?

If this happens, I will be more than happy to send it out, but it is your responsibility to let me know!

Besides this Patreon, I do a heap more for the shop since I really want to make Jelly Kat Studio bigger! Which means I might miss something like that. Do let me know and I’d be more than happy to make sure you get your rewards for the month!

★ If I unpledge, can I rejoin in the future?

Of course! You’re more than welcome to be here for the monthly rewards you want, and drop for the months you don’t want. I want you to get things you’ll love, if you’re pledging for tiers with physical products! I love and appreciate any of your support <3 



★ Can I purchase previous Pin Club designs?

The Secret Shop is for previous month’s designs right now! They are limited stock; however, I’m hoping to keep them available ongoing for future patrons. The Secret Shop may grow in item options in the future.

You can see previous month Pin Club Pins here!

★ When will I receive the monthly password?

I try to send the passwords in the first week of the new month, after charges have gone through! So if you were not charged on the 1st of the month and haven’t corrected it quickly, you will not be in the message to Patrons about the password. This also means if you joined on the 4th of the Month, you won’t have access to the Secret Shop until the next month.

If your card is declined for any reason, you will not receive the password (unless your card eventually processes -- it is then your responsibility to contact me about this and directly ask for the info).



Please do not ask questions about your specific shipment/pin in the form of a public comment!

★ My pin got damaged while in transit. Can you replace it?

If your monthly enamel pin was obviously damaged in transit (like being run over by a vehicle), please send me a photo of the damaged pin and damaged packaging to [email protected]! I can send you out a replacement pin either on its own, or with your next pin club package if you are still a patron!

★ I received a defective pin. Can you replace it?

Every month, I go through all the Patron pins to give you the best possible pins! That said, these pins are majority completed by hand by my manufacturer, and may have subtle imperfections on the surface/colour/metal areas. That said, I am only human, so I may miss major defects!

I will only replace pins with the following defect(s):

- A section of missing or miscoloured enamel;
- Deep, gouge-like scratches that span across most of the pin;
- Oxidization or rust that covers 50% or more of the metal plating;
- Severe underfill covering over 20% of the enamel.

If your pin falls into one of the above categories, please send me a photo of the damaged pin at [email protected]. If I have extras available, it can be replaced.

★ Can I share my rewards anywhere?

Nothing would make me happier than for you to love the rewards enough to want to share them with people! You can tag me with @jellykatstudio on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and I’ll see your photos! There’s also the Discord, which I’d love to see your posts in too! The Discord is open to everyone, Patron and not!

If you have any questions that aren't covered by this FAQ, please feel free to ask! I'll try to keep this updated with the latest answers as much as possible!

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