Happy Valentine's Month!
FINALLY done with yellow, onto red! :o) For those new to the "Glitter Is Cheaper Than Drugs" project, here are the details: I am filling 5000 empty gel capsules by hand with 9 colours of glitter and I will be using them to fill one stand-up, classic red gumball machine and two smaller, silver table-top gumball machines. These will be submitted to Touched By Fire, an art show for people with mood disorders, in the fall, and no, I have no idea what I'm going to do with them after that. The project has cost about $500 now (I maybe should have kept receipts...) and about $200 of that was funded by generous patrons who have been supporting me here on Patreon via downloadable adult colouring pages since April 2015. You can submit 5 photos to Touched By Fire and I intend to also submit a few colouring pages to see what happens, however I do ~*NOT*~ intend to put any effort into having them published as an adult colouring book. Patreon is my means by which I release this content, so if you like it, want it and have $1, this is how you get it. Okay! Back to "Lasher" by Anne Rice on audiobook while I dig into making RED pills! w00t! w00t! <3 <3 <3