The Mood Pack Mod v1.2 (Nov. 10th, 2021)

This mod absolutely cannot conflict with any other mod! :)

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********************* UPDATE NOTES: *****************

Nov. 10:  

- Added 3 moods (Reclusive, Bitter, Compassionate). More moods from the to-do list coming soon.

- For Modders: Added a way for a notification to display if a user downloaded a mod requiring the mood pack but forgot to grab the mood pack with it.

July 20: minor update for today's patch
July 7: V1.2: the 'disgusted' mood has returned, and welcome the Frustrated mood. Prioritized per request of other modders :)
May: v1.1 to add the Anxious Mood
v1, May 8th: 
- Added whims
- Added 4 social interactions
- Fixed typos and a recent buff issue
April 22: Fixed something with the Pessimistic Mood which got wrong with my last update + updated Creator resources.
April 8 (v0.94): Added the 'In Pain' mood in priority, per a creator's request :)
March 8th, v0.93: Added the 'Nostalgic' mood, in priority per a creator's request :)
February 13:
-  Temporarily removed the "Disgusted" mood as it misbehaves. It is being re-made. - Added a section in the Creators' documentation.
January 3rd, 2021
- Added 4 moods. - Improved the system for creators to test the moods.
At some point before: 
- Made it so that the mod does not require a script file anymore. It's just a package now.

******   DEVELOPMENT STATUS: ********

- Still adding moods.
- Still planning to add mood-specific interactions.

In the process of ADDING: Withdrawn, Appeased or Reassured, Guilty, Comfortable, Curious, Jealous, Dizzy, Protective, Resentful, Compassionate, Dissatisfied, Charmed, Lonely, Craving, a third level for ' tipsy / drunk', surprised, etc!
34 moods that are done & Included: Admirative, Affectionate, Bitter, Concerned, Confused, Disappointed, Disgusted, Distracted, Drunk / Tipsy, Endeared, Excited, Forgiving, Frustrated, Hurt, Indecisive, In Pain, Insecure, Mean / Uncaring, Misunderstood, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Productive, Proud, Reclusive, Relieved, Satisfied, Scared, Shocked, Sorry, Suspicious, Tired, Weirded Out.

This mod doesn't 'do' things on its own, it is intended to go with other mods. It's a storytelling tool, and a way to add a bit of variety to what one sees in the game.

It adds 34 moods (more as I go...) to the game, to be available:

- for me to use in all my mods;
- for other modders if they want to use them; they'd just need to have users of whatever mod uses my custom moods also download my Mood Pack Mod.
- for an optional feature to replace some of the existing game moodlets with labels from these custom moods, for more variety and sharper storytelling.

Mods that require the Mood Mod Pack (as of Jan. 3, 2021):

- Road to Romance (by myself) - uses the 'Affectionate' mood
- Better Babies and Toddlers by Caradriel
- First Impressions (by myself)
Custom Moods for Some Game Moodlets (by myself)
- SimTuber Career (semi active) by Adeepindigo
School Milestones by Adeepindigo
Healthcare Redux by Adeepindigo

--------------------------NOTE TO MODDERS:-------------------------

 Are you a mod creator? Want to use my custom moods in your buffs? Just be aware that users of your mod will need to have the Mood Pack Mod installed for it to work. I have included a way to notify them in game if they forgot to grab the mood pack.
List of tuning IDs, testing material and info: Download the 'Creator's Testing and Documentation set' for help documentation with the full list of mood names, tuning IDs and emotion category, as well as the ability to test them in game using custom interactions designed for that purpose.


"Does this or the mood pack conflict with -Insert Mod Name-?"

My custom moods are independent, custom stuff, and literally can't be bothered by anything or bother anything. They don't do anything in game until a moodlet from a mod calls to them, then they give it the mood required and go back to sleep. They will have NO impact on your game and other mods, other than providing custom moods when a mod asks. Picture it as a mod giving the Mood pack a phone call, and the mood pack sleeping the rest of the time, waking up only to answer those phone calls.

"Hmm, so, it doesn't conflict with Slice of Life?"

NO! NONE of my mods conflict with Slice of Life in any manner whatsoever. Stop worrying for nothing folks :)


- Download the zip file 'MoodPackMod' and extract it.
- Put the extracted Package file in your Mods folder directly or sub-folders.
That's the main part of the mod, and it CANNOT conflict with anything.

- Also download the 'Creator Resource' archive (for Creators Only!!!)



Go to these pages if you need a specific language file in addition to downloading the mod files here.

RUSSIAN by Origamika
GERMAN by HendrikMcSims
FRENCH by Kimikosoma 
PORTUGUESE by Ayrthwil

NEED HELP? Contact me on Discord or here in comments, or through the contact form on my website.

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