November 11th: News, Plans, Website and Trie Implementation


This week I didn't publish any new article as I was busy with "web development" :)

For the last couple of days, I synchronized "cppstories" with the content from my blog, and I also made a couple of improvements:

  • search is working (but still not present on mobile variant)
  • search is always present in the Archive page
  • updated static sites like about and Extra content
  • fixed some smaller issues

Have a look:

The plans:

  • It's almost ready to publish... not sure what holds me back :)
  • Maybe I'll try to publish a new article on Monday only at cppstories, just to see how it works :)
  • I'm still thinking about comments section... maybe just throw it away? As most of the articles are commented on Reddit anyway?

Trie Implementation

I diverged for a while from describing C++20 features and moved to algorithms!

While C++ have several good data structures to hold "dictionaries" it's also good to know some other techniques.

So in the new article, I show a simple implementation of "Trie" data structure. This container might be efficient when you want to store words and then retrieve them with prefix search.

See the first part of the article in the attached PDF 

Lambda Story Work

During the previous week, I also managed to push a lot of smaller changes to Lambda Story. This time it was mostly related to wording and grammar ("a" and "the"). The plan is still to release it by the end of this month or at least 1st Dec.

Around the Web

Today we have a release of MSVC 2019 16.9!

What's related with C++?

See in this article:

Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 and v16.9 Preview 1 Release Today | Visual Studio Blog

And the full Changelog · Microsoft/STL Wiki · GitHub

Best Regards 


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