Hello all,
I hope you all are doing well!

Here is a quick update about recent changes and uploads on my GitHub repo.
So here we go:

G2D library
- Fixed a bug in G2D.Area:SkinFitMin() method

GFX library
- Added GFX.Text.ClipAlign() function
- Now SmoothScale can be set globally using the GFX.SmoothZoom variable

HELPERS library
- HL.RoundBig() : added a parameter to select if we want to round up or down numbers.
- Added HL.FormatNum() function.

JSON library
- A ton of improvements, now the decoding is much much faster!

TABLES library
- Added TB.Item.DeepFind() function to search recursively inside tables.

And now the big one!

GLFX library
it's an OpenGL engine for Hollywood using GLGalore plugin.
It is the first commit, the latest available version.
Beware that many functions are just place-holders and there is a lot of unfinished stuff, look at the test examples to have an idea of what it can do.
Just uncomment the test functions (one at a time) at the bottom of the library.
I've also uploaded in GitHub the glfx_test folder with the resources needed by these examples to work.

That's all for now, happy coding! :D

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