#44 - The Angry Chicken: "Soon for Months"
This week on The Angry Chicken Chris from HearthStats is back to help us dissect the August report and tell us all about HearthStats first tournament. Yong Woo was also interviewed by Icy Veins at Gamecom and had a good deal to say about what Team 5 ISN'T working on, Season 6 is bringing with is a new carrrrrrrrrrd back full of pirate-y goodness, and Crazy Game Stories are back! If you would like to submit a story, question, or anything else to the show you can do so to [email protected]. You can support The Angry Chicken by going to patreon.com/tac. Follow us on Twitch.tv/amovetv. TAC #44 Post and Show Notes: http://amove.tv/news/2014/9/9/j8o33owvibofmvb96rwyr94gouz7c3
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