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February 2016-1 -- Watch Dogs 01
PATREON EXCLUSIVE! This first chapter of a new novel-in-progress is being offered to you as hot-off-the-press. This and all future chapters will be for patrons only for the foreseeable future. I may offer bits of tease on SoFurry, but not any complete chapter nor full plot disclosures. This one's just for you fine furry-hearted loves who keep me going. Let me know if you want to see this continue. I think I've left enough plot hints to keep you guessing...

EDIT -- This first chapter is now available to the public, to help get them interested in becoming a patron. To members of the public: I polled my patrons, who gave me permission to set this chapter free. Become a patron today to enjoy the rest of this story, which will indeed be a Patreon Exclusive! Please note that due to ART THEFT, there will be a slightly convoluted means of supplying these chapters, but there will be no extra charge for them. Contact me for more details: [email protected]