Better Babies & Toddlers Mod

Hello everyone! :) I'm happy to share with you the first release of my mod today! I created this mod to add more interaction for parents and children, specially babies and toddlers.

👉 This is a little preview only, you can read the full article on my website 😉  

How It Works

If your Sim already has a baby you must click on another Sim on the interaction called Talk About Babies in the Better Babies menu. Your Sim will get the hidden trait Better Babies & Toddlers. The step is the same if your Sim has just given birth.

EDIT - 28/11/20: If with your Sim (must be a parent) you cannot see any interactions from the Babies menu, or if your Sim does not receive any moodlets when using the baby crib, then you must activate the trait by clicking on the Talk About Babies interaction from the Better Babies menu. As long as your sim has a child, the interactions will be available.

When you use an interaction on the bassinet your Sim will receive new moodlets for all interactions (Shoosh, Feeding, Rock, Show baby, Cuddle...)

With the new interaction on computer your Sim can now Read Parents Magazine to learn more about babies, Your Sim will increase Parenting skills.

A huge Thank You to Lumpinou for all the help and explanations she gave me to finish this mod, and for her excellent mood pack for modders!  Thanks a lot for everything! 💖 Many thanks also to Kimikosoma who helped me with the English strings and corrected my mistakes! 😘

To read the full article follow this link : Better Babies & Toddlers

Mod requirement:  
Parenthood Stuff Pack and the Lumpinou's Mood Pack

✅ Fully compatible
with the Lumpinou’s WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul mod.
If you use Lumpinou’s Pregnancy Overhaul mod, and your Sim has an unwanted baby and for a logical reason the baby’s crib moodlets will not be shown.
This mod is not compatible with any other mod that use Baby Crib interactions.

Available languages ? Check here 👉 Translations Index

Have Fun! :)

Update notes:

Corrections of the Polish translation

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