Cherished Moments - Parenthood

The Joys of Parenthood - Requires XML Injector 

With Pregnancy comes Parenthood. This trait/mod will add social interactions and new moodlets based on interactions the Parent has with their children and a few Extras. 

What You Get:

  • Reward Trait for Teen to Elder costing 300 Satisfaction | Flavor Text Works for Both Mother & Father - Not One-Sided 👍

▶Baby Stage:

  • 9 corresponding Moodlets from every interaction on the Crib (Breastfeed, Bottle Feed, Cuddle, Rock, Coo At, Talk, Make Faces, Change Diaper, Bounce, & Shoosh)
  • Happy Moodlet when Parent is in the proximity of their Baby
  • [Friendly] Talk About New Baby - Only available when Parent has the New Baby Moodlet
  • [Friendly] Complain About Sore Nipples - Only Available with the Tender Nipples Moodlet from Breastfeeding
  • [Friendly] Ask to Buy More Diapers - Only Available with Dirty Diaper Moodlet from Changing Diaper between Parent and their Committed Partner(Significant Other, Engaged, & Married)
  • [Friendly] Complain About Sleepless Nights Only Available with Tired Parent Moodlet from Shooshing Baby

▶Toddler Stage:

  • 7 Moodlets based on Interaction with Toddlers (Hug, Nesting Blocks, Flash Cards, Potty Training, Teaching to Talk, Reading & Changing Diaper)
  • Toddler [Dirty Diaper] Moodlet unlocks [Friendly] Ask to Buy More Diapers
  • [Friendly] Discuss Toddler's Development - Only Available with Learning Moodlets on Parent (Learning & Growing, FlashCards, Big Kid Now, & Helping with Blocks)

▶School & Discipline:

  • 3 Moodlets based on Discipline, Punishment, & Encouragement (Toddlers to Teens)
Note: The Moodlets for these tend to be very finicky but they do work for every Discipline/Encourage interaction even with Lowered Cooldowns.
  • Moodlets for [Teach to Say Please & Thank You] & [Teach to Say Sorry]
  • [Friendly] Ask for Reassurance - Only Available with Misbehavior & Punishment Moodlets on Parent between Parent and their Committed Partner(Significant Other, Engaged, & Married)
  • Moodlet for [Help with Homework]
  • [Friendly] Discuss Child's Schoolwork - Only Available with Homework Helper Moodlet on Parent between Parent and their Committed Partner(Significant Other, Engaged, & Married)


  • Desire to Expand Moodlet from [Try For Baby]
  • Thinking about Family Moodlet from [Think about Family]
  • [Computer] Chat in Parenting Chatroom - Increases Social & ParentingSkill
  • +2 Sad Moodlet [When will they feel better?] when Around their Sick Child

Thanks 💜

Designed to be Used With:


  • November 29, 2020: Added [Friendly] Complain About Sleepless Nights & [Computer] Chat in Parenting Chatroom
  • December 17, 2020: Fixed small Typo, Added Moodlet for Hugging a Toddler, & Compatibility with Tender Nipples Moodlet from Breastfeeding for Toddlers Mod.
  • January 1, 2021: Added Proximity Buff when Parent is around their Sick Child (request) & Removed bad Mood restrictions on Chatroom.
  • March 31, 2021: Removed Unnecessary Snippet Tuning File
  • October 3, 20201: Washing Hands will now Remove the "Dirty Diaper" Moodlet

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