Dark Magic [V.0.12.3] Public Release!!!

Good evening everyone.

Finally, the public release has arrived now! So, kept you waiting, huh? But not anymore longer, it's time to turn a snake into a solid!

In this update, the story in the Magic route is continued. We will see more depth in some character's stories. More details to guide you about what's going on and what's going to be next. This is a really big update, I hope you will have a good time playing through all of the scenes. Please give me your opinion on what you think about the story so far. 

Thank you for your playing, and if you still are not my patrons, please consider supporting the Dark Magic. 

Have a nice day.



View Change-logs Here

♥ Windows: GoogleDrive - Mega - MediaFire 

♥ Mac OSX: GoogleDrive - Mega - MediaFire 

♥ Android: GoogleDrive - Mega - MediaFire 

# Known problem from replacing game on PC:
1. "Check on Okemia" menu from your room might disappear.

# Please backup your save files first before replacing the new version!
- Android: Go to  Android/data/com.flord.darkmagic/files/saves [*1]
- Windows / Mac will be in the same place as the game directory.
1. Copy the "saves" folder to someplace safe.
2. After re-install the new update replaces the "saves" folder with its old directory [*1].

# Android version might need to be removed before re-install again (Make sure to backup save file first!)

# If you found a bug please comment and let me know, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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