Yet another important note

One more update, I hope, to this page at 1/8/2021: I had written about some strange symptoms and side effects I have been caused from my white blood cell booster shots. After those shots, I have been having high fevers and chills and an absolute inability to protect myself from the infections of the world.

I foolishly ignored the shivering, feverish chills that had me bedridden for hours and I ignored a chickenpox-like-rash appear across my body ignored it. But by the time I went to the doctor it was too late and I had to be admitted again.

I had had a severe E. coli infection and was yet again facing death by sepsis. My foolishness nearly cost me my life a second time.

And, to be honest, it felt very much like i had gone in to a personal hell and was at unable to get out.... what a frightening ordeal.

I think I’m going to be okay, this time. Just.... Please always heed the advice of the Experienced. Because this pp really sucks....

And to to all that of, I learned that my stepdad died quickly from a sudden COVID 19 diagnosis error I was in the ICU. 😞


Update: 12/19/2020 — Hey again, everyone. I wanted to leave a quick update about what’s been going on.

I’m still in the hospital, and am taking rounds of chemotherapy. My oncology doctor prescribed me two additional drugs: Cytarabine and Thiotepa. I’ve been responding well to everything and haven’t had any side effects at all... which is strange. Not even the hair loss. I guess I’ll have to do it myself if I’m going to look like Gorilla.

I have three more rounds of Cytarabine left to do, but if all works out well, I might be allowed to go home tomorrow. With any luck.

Take care, guys. Thanks for putting up with me in all this. 😄 I want to get back to work on projects. Slowly and safely, of course. But I’m wanting to get back to some normalcy soon.



Update: 12/17/2020 — I’ve been admitted to the hospital like expected.

I did the antibody treatment over 7 hours at the Cancer Center early this morning and will be getting rounds of chemo at the hospital soon. I’ll have to stay for up to a week and eat and walk and recover.

I also found out another surprise while seeing the oncologist today... I’m going to need a bone marrow transplant in three months. Only it won’t be a donation from someone else, it’ll be my own stem cells they use. That will require me to travel to New Orleans or Birmingham or somewhere — apparently it’s such a straightforward procedure, I can pick wherever to go and it’ll be an easy enough process.

That blindsided me, honestly, but the doctor wants to be sure that the cancer doesn’t find its way into my blood again.

I’m taking these things one at a time and hoping that it passes me quickly. It’s been hard, but that’s life, isn’t it? I’ll make it. 😄

Take good care, you guys. It makes me happy to hear that you’re alright. And if you aren’t, well, you will be! Keep strong.



Update: 12/16/2020 — Hey again, guys.  It's been quite some time since I last updated you all about this situation.  It's mostly because I'm worried that I'm scaring people with it.  That's the last thing I want to do.  But there isn't any reason to be worried.  It's all gonna be fine. 😄  I'm pretty young and healthy and my doctor is going to be able to be more aggressive with the treatment because of it.

I had an appointment with an oncologist/radiologist colleague of my oncologist at the Cancer Center on Monday to talk about my treatment coming up on the 17th (tomorrow morning).  I found out that everything is still on schedule for the same treatment (rituximab and methotrexate).  She told me that they weren't expecting to find what they found and, again, that all things considered, I was fortunate that it ended up being what it was.  They still don't know what caused this rare form of lymphoma, but I have a feeling that it might be related to stress.  And that's something I will be confronting after this is done.  There are things I need to change in my life and I will.

I also had a retinal exam a few days prior to that, and the specialist found no lymphoma in my eye, which was a concern because of where it had formed.  So that's good news, too!

I'm not sure if I'll be admitted to the hospital after the antibody and chemotherapy -- it entirely depends on how my body reacts to it.  I'm hopeful I can just go back home and recover, but it's possible my oncologist may admit me for a short time just to be safe.

On a nicer note, I've been working on the PDF adaptation of Wrangled and Roped and have incorporated Big Beef Heat into the beginning of that story.  I've also made another lockerroom scene with Alexi and Gorilla and a bedroom scene with Alexi and Ryan to help fill in the story a bit more.  24 new/remade image pages so far.  It's looking great and I'm excited see it take shape and to release to you guys when it's ready.

I wanted to thank you all again for your kind words of support and for sticking with me during this ordeal.  It's really meant the world to me and I love you all very much.  Take great care of yourselves and I'll be seeing you again soon!



Hey, everyone.  How've you been doing?  I hope you're well and healthy and hale ... which also means healthy!

I had an appointment today with the oncology doctor that saw me in the preop room at the hospital when I went in for my surgery.  He told me today that pathology found an aggressive, malignant cancer in the sample of the tumor removed while I was operated on.

It's apparently a rather rare (around 2.5k out of 250-300k chance?) form of lymphoma that isn't lymphoma and cannot be removed through operation.  It must be treated with an antibody infusion (Rituximab) and another one (Methotrexate) as a form of intravenous chemotherapy.  The way that the doctor described it, it sounded fortunate to be this form of cancer, all things considered.

I'm (currently) scheduled to have those procedures happen on the 17th of December.  If that happens, I'll have to be admitted to the hospital again for a few days while the chemo leaves my body and they make sure I'm well enough to leave again.  But before then, on Monday, the oncology doctor is going to consult a top cancer specialist to find out what new treatments there are and see what other strategies they may take since I'm still quite young and healthy overall.

I have to admit that it was quite a shock to hear this, but I'm confident I'll be okay in the end and will be taken good care of the whole time.  The doctor told me that the treatment I'm (currently) scheduled to have was also given to a man 30 years my senior for the same condition and he only needed one treatment before he was declared cancer-free.

I'm very sorry to have to tell you guys these kinds of things.  It's not exactly the kind of "content" I ever want to put on my page for you.

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragements throughout all of this.  It's really meant the world to me and it'll keep on helping me to be just fine.  And I will be.  And you will be!  So no worrying, okay? 😄  I'm always gonna be the same guy before this and I want to stay right here with you all.  And I will.


P.S. --  And I had just unpaused payments and made plans for December, too...  I'm going to pause them again, I'm sorry.  If I'm able to do something for December, it'll be posted here for remaining patrons (and new patrons) for free.  Thank you all for your support and thoughts.  It means a whole lot.

My birthday is this Saturday, the 28th, also.  I was hoping to have a bit more good news about this to celebrate for it, but I'm sure things will still end up good after it's over.

I'll keep this post updated when I hear more.  Thank you all again.

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