Separated Video Station by MonoChaos

Hello fellow simmers,

Today I bring you the results of a project that has taken me since the release of Snowy Escape to complete. I got the idea shortly into gameplay with the new pack and have been working on it since.

I will be posting a tutorial I've written on how to convert desks and/or 2 tile dining tables into the desks needed for this object. If you want to create you own and share that's OKAY but please link to this post for the Video Station package. The Tutorial. That link won't work until this post is public on December 5th at 8:59am CET.

READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANT! The contents of the zip is a separated video station and some desks to use with it. It works just like separated beds but is a fully functional video station. There are basegame compatible desks in this pack but they are useless without the video station package that requires Get Famous. So this entire set requires Get Famous to be of any use.


  • Functions as Video Station
  • Works like separated beds
  • Requires Get Famous

The details for the individual packages inside the zip are on the images.

Terms of Use! 

Happy Simming and have a great day.

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