Star Traders Web Comic - Pg 5 + New Poll!
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After page 4, I got pretty excited and powered through to page 5, which includes a really important choice moment and a poll of sorts.  You can see right in the artwork what we will be deciding!

In this panel, you meet two of Captain Avenira's crew.  They've both been subdued by the Bounty Hunter's beefy pistoleer.  This choice moment is to bring these two crew members to life.  

We'll use this moment to poll our Patreons to pick -- the name, appearance, job, traits, personality quirks, backstory -- basically anything you want to provide, about these two characters.  I will keep a running post of the "top ideas" and everyone can weigh in on what they like, or provide their own additions to the story. 

 In the end, I will synthesize two new crew members from the top input, so it is important to chime in if you see someone else post something you like too.

Here are some things to consider:

[+] We're looking for interesting folks here!  The Captain keeps a small crew, around the size of Firefly, so there are likely to be 6 folks on the Vigilant, so we want each one to be unique and awesome in their own way.  Really, with a crew of 6, every crew member is basically an officer.

[+] These two are a male and female who were captured during the time that the Bounty Hunter and his henchman snuck onto the Vigilant.  This means neither is a hardened combat veteran who would never be taken alive.

[+] Neither of these characters will die in the following scene, but no promises after that.

When you post your comment, please start with the following aspects for one or both characters:

[+] Name

[+] Job (think Officers in ST, ... Mechanic, Spy, Diplomat, Scout, wise old man).  

[+] Appearance (I will redo the comic panel based on the polling!)

[+] Two character strengths and two character flaws

The conversation is likely to be broken up between the forum post and this Patreon page, so please post to either location.

Let's make something awesome together!  :D

A huge thanks to our Patreons for their support in all of our gaming endeavors. 






- tradesman / diplomat

- well connected, especially in legitimate jobs / deals / cargo

- a bit naive, been kept out of the Captain's occasional smuggling, so far she's been willing to look away and ignore

- Loyalty to Captain Avenira is a big trait

- This is her first life-threatening experience

(Insert first name) Song

-First officer (as in, the manager of the ship)

-A logistics wizard, can plan anything with exacting detail (positive trait)

-Tends to be a bit bigoted, looks down on clans/syndicates other than her own, but particularly dislike Javat as she thinks they're blue color slobs (negative trait)

-Moonlights as the face of the ship, working out deals and generally gathering intel, she's silver-tongued (positive trait)

-Has a "soft heart," tends to be sucked in by con artists with sob stories. Naive (negative traits)

Female - Raven Leclaire (x2 VOTES)

- Medical Officer with an obsessive love of studying the quadrants Flora and Fauna, Always badgering the captain to land on this god for saken rock or that for her hobby. Despite this she is one of the most highly skilled medical proffessionals in the quadrent.

- Highly respected by the rest of the crew as she has saved their lives more than once, whether an ice collection accident or battle injuries.

- Petite yet fit and strong (from those meandering biology expeditions) with short hair and a calm reassuring face.

- Never falters or hesitates to help her wounded comrades 

or the innocent

 even at the risk of her own skin and fiercely loyal to her captain.

- Never shuts up about this plant or this bug or that microbe!!! Don't give her too much Vudka though, annoying drunk 


Drake Pharoah OR Apone "Zippo" Mitchell (x4 VOTES) 

- Ace pilot

- Fearless when flying and in the face of death

- Has lots of experience, came up through a hard childhood on an independent world before Capt Avenira spotted his talent

- Phobic of strangers and crowds (stuttering, uncoordinated around them), is only really comfortable on his ship with his crew

- Takes almost sadistic pleasure in scaring the sh*t out of his crew with absurd yet brilliant maneuvers and will likely be the death of his captain, not with a crash but through stress

Nikolai "Nik" (Insert last name)

-Ship's Mechanic

-Tends to be abrasive due to being a bit of a neat freak/organizer (negative)

-Very proud of himself, takes personal offense at advice/criticism/questions (negative)

-Macgyver-esque in his ability to cobble together tools/repair things. (positive)

-Lots of connections in starports, he's an older and well traveled dude!

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