Dec Posts Schedule

Here's the in-stone Patreon posts for December-- keep in mind there might be additional content added depending upon my whims, though I do ask for patience, as it is a busy month with the holiday season 😅

Dec 4th- Weekly Weird-- 10 conversations with my Characters (Way Followers $5+)

Dec 9th- Art, Genoa Door Preview (Way Walker $12+)

Dec 16th-  Q & A-- Winter Celebrations  (Way Acolytes $8+)

Dec 21rst- The Twelve Inked Artwork (all Tiers! Happy Holidays! 😘)

Dec 22nd- Weekly Weird-- Old Sketches (Way Followers $5+)

Dec 28th- Additional Content-- Clan Lands Saga; Deviant Music (High Mages $20+)

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