VR-AMAZONS FREE Versions Alpha 02 /5a - DOWNLOAD

The FREE version includes the whole world like the FULL version but less Amazons.

In Alpha 02 the free version has 4 Amazons in two ages, the full has 8 Amazons. The future free versions will include 20% to 30% Amazons of the full version. 

Alpha 02 FREE is just available as NON-VR Win 32bit (Works on 64bit)

The MAC free version might differ. (I can't test Mac Versions)

VR-Amazons FREE Alpha 02 Windows 32bit NON-VR:

Download:  goo.gl/KtQ0qF

VR-Amazons FREE Alpha 05a MAC OSX 64bit:

Download:  VR Version OSX 64bit
Download: Non-VR Version OSX 64bit

Improvements to Alpha 01:

Much better lighting and graphics

The whole world like in full version

1 more Amazon

1 more age level

Some solved issues

New menu system

Introducing new chat system in present age level (choose what the Amazon shall do)

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