Safe Word Synopsis

Joshua, a college student addicted to sex, finally meets someone he can share his fantasies with: Nikita, a foreign millionaire. At first, everything goes well, but soon Josh's promise to not start growing feelings becomes hard to keep...


Joshua gets hooked up on a blind date with Nikita, who sounds like the perfect girl for him. After only a few messages, he's already sold, and ready to meet up with this person, hoping he has finally found a partner to share his enthusiasm for sex.

There's just one little thing no one mentioned to him.

Nikita is a man.

The blind date turns out to be just an immature prank set up by Joshua's roommate, and it could've ended in a lot of hurt feelings...

...and yet, Joshua finds himself still interested in Nikita.

Nikita has rules: No feelings, no getting to know each other. There can only be sex between them, since Nikita is already in love with his dom, his master, his fiance, William.

But can it ever be just sex, especially when you click with someone in so many levels…?

Caution, there is a lot of sex in this story! 

Chapter Selection

1. Blind Date | Free

2. Man of His Word | Free 

3. Not So Straight | Free

4. No Feelings Attached | Free

5. Sexting 

6. Picture Day 

7. The Chair 

8. Boys and Their Toys 

9. Aftercare 

10. Workplace Accident 

11. Fashion Show 

12. Bonding 

13. Schooling Nurse 

14. Tedious Topics 

15. Game of Dice 

16. Elf Prince 

17. Reinforcing the Rules 

18. The Barbarian 

19. The Servant 

20. The Fiancé 

21. Service Unavailable 

22. Not the Same 

23. Safe Place 

24. New Games 

25. Fuck the Rules 

26. The Only Name 

27. Discipline 

28. Nervous Questions

29. Favorite Toy 

30. Proud 

31. Loved Ones 

32. The Other Way Around 

33. Turning Off and On Again 

34. Endorsed Behavior 

35. Birthday Party 

36. In His Fire 

37. Sinful Act 

38. Realization 

39. Case Not Closed 

40. Weekend Getaway 

41. An Object 

42. Nothing More 

43. If Only 

44. Broken 

45. The Difference 

46. Rage 

47. Free 

48. Nikitushka 

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