My first science poster!
I was invited to co-author a science poster (my first!) for the upcoming NASA Ames Astrobiology Jamboree. For those outside of academia, like myself, a poster is a small but time-honored rite of passage in the academic/science world. Poster sessions are held at conferences so that scientists can present their work to passersby and interact with people who are interested in learning more.

Throughout the year I've been doing some field work, teaching myself microscopy and conducting some macro photography all around imaging extremophiles. All this effort is funneling towards my goal of trying to get a grant to go to Antarctica to image subglacial microbial communities, aka "life under the ice".

While authoring a poster in the science community is something nearly everyone does, as an "outsider" I'm still quite excited about it. It feels kind of like when you receive your first name plate at your first office job!

P.S. This is my first draft of the poster, so the final may change, but I was impatient to share it with you all!