Indigenous 03 (Final Design)
Hey guys,

So here's the final of the last indigenous species I'm exploring this month. The other two were a bit more on the cute and docile or less intimidating side whereas this race would be a little more threatening. 

I have the time lapsed process recorded for this one and you'll see how although the majority of the body was established early on - I had gone through multiple different passes for the face. Eventually ending up with this macaw-like "skull/mask" which was inspired by birds and African tribal masks.

This piece along with the other 2 will be included in the rewards which will go out between March 1st - 8th 2016 once all payment has been processed by Patreon. I'll begin new work during the first week of March. Thanks again for the support.

I'll post a recap of everything that will be included in the rewards in the next few days, cheers guys.

- Mike