Character Sheet - Safe for Work

Dec 12, 2020

Here's a list of all 21 female characters from the game College Bound! I made sure that they have different personalities, attitudes toward MC and other characters... Most often their traits match their looks, but you might end up surprised when it comes to some girls.

Download the latest release of College Bound in my page's description.

Every character is a custom 3D model, which I created just for this game. They are really detailed - for example skin - each character has it's own texture with details corresponding to their age and/or lifestyle. What does it mean? Well, a MILF will have a bit of cellulite here and there (but not too much, we're keeping it hot!) and a book nerd certainly won't have bikini tanlines on her body, as some other characters do.  This is just an example, there's much more details, as you'll see in the gallery and game.

Same rules apply to body shapes, outfits, hairstyles, even makeup in particular cases. 

Take a look for yourself and comment which character is your favourite!

Next week, I will publish a gallery of the same characters, but this time they will be naked - this post will be available only to Patrons (of any tier).

Disclaimer - not all of above characters are present in the first build of College Bound. No worries, I will add them in future updates (which I release every two weeks). Also, it's possible that it won't be a final number of characters as I might add some more (with a help of Patrons' creativity, of course).

Have an awesome day,


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