DFLB - Chapter 89.2 ***NSFW***


Lu Xun impatiently pushed Qian Wei down on the sofa in a movement that was slightly rough and impatient.

As he leaned over Qian Wei, even until this moment, his handsome face still looked icy and noble. However, although his face was cold, his actions were fiery.

Lu Xun's hand poked itself into Qian Wei's loose pajama top and his slightly cool fingertips brushed against her body, however, those slightly cool fingers somehow seemed to be sprinkling fire everywhere they touched. As he stroked her body with elegant movements, as if he were playing the piano, the repeated touches caused her to wiggle away subconsciously, but his questing hand just took advantage of the opportunity and reached in to lightly grip her white softness.

At the same time, Lu Xun's other hand tightly grabbed one of Qian Wei's hands and slowly moved it down to his lower body. And it was only then that Qian Wei realized that there was something hard and hot standing up firmly from his suit trousers.

Lu Xun leaned down and half-gasped half-whispered into Qian Wei's ear: "It's already hard like this, you have to take responsibility."

As he spoke, he lowered his head over and kissed Qian Wei's face, and the hand that briefly rubbed Qian Wei's chest retreated. However, just as she was taking a short rest, he suddenly ripped open her pajama top and his hands quickly dove down toward her bra. Then, before she even realized what was happening, she suddenly felt the coolness of the open air on her chest as Lu Xun tore away her bra.

Qian Wei subconsciously reached out to stop him, but Lu Xun moved faster than she could react. His eyes darkened as he used one hand to control her struggles while the other hand yanked off his tie. Qian Wei completely wasn’t his opponent in terms of strength and, soon, his dark tie was wrapped around her wrists and knotted loosely, not tightly enough to cut off her circulation, but enough to stop her hands from moving.

With that, there was nothing left to stop Lu Xun's roaming hands and eyes. In a flash, Qian Wei's thin waist and two tender white breasts were completely exposed before him.

Lu Xun seemed immediately infatuated with her white softness and two pink nubs, and he began to rub her with a force that was neither heavy nor light, his motions full of uncontrollable eroticism. Qian Wei desperately bit her lips but, in the end, she couldn’t stop the wet moans from leaking from the corners of her lips.

"Don’t hold back." Right now, Lu Xun was like a different person. All of his usual seriousness and professionalism had disappeared, and what was left was something feral and almost dangerous. He leaned in and murmured, "I want to hear you scream."

Then, as if to force Qian Wei to let go completely, at the moment when she was feeling completely defenseless, he suddenly increased the intensity of his stimulation.

He leaned down, his hands still groping roguishly, and looked directly into Qian Wei’s eyes. Then, he lowered his head and swept his lips gently across her exposed chest, the tip of his tongue teasing and lightly sucking on the two pink nubs. Qian Wei could hardly process what was happening. She somehow felt that her whole body was no longer her own, and from somewhere deep inside a strange, warm, and unbearable feeling was welling up.

Qian Wei finally couldn’t hold back her moans, and she suddenly felt as if she were a new piano fresh from the factory, helpless before the pianist, Lu Xun, as he played unfamiliar but undeniably vivid melodies across her body.

Soon, Qian Wei was completely naked. However, Lu Xun had only removed the clothes on his lower body, leaving on his usual professional white shirt and creating an odd contrast.

Qian Wei subconsciously glanced down at a certain part of Lu Xun's lower body in the midst of her daze and, as a result, she was almost scared out of her wits.

If the 19-year-old Lu Xun from her imagination had a size that could be called terrible, then the Lu Xun in front of her now could simply be called inhuman.

"Forget it, Lu Xun. Let’s not count anything from tonight." Qian Wei began to make excuses randomly, "Do you have a condom? There are no condoms here..."

"What condoms?" The smile on Lu Xun’s handsome face was a little evil, and he spoke slowly, one word at a time, "I want to get you pregnant. After all, didn't you already propose to me at the airport?"

Qian Wei took another nervous look down at Lu Xun’s lower body and then tried to wiggle backward away from him, and when she spoke her voice trembling: "N-No, it won’t fit. It's too big. It will hurt. I don't want to."

Unfortunately, the sofa was so small that it was impossible for her to retreat, and Lu Xun quickly reclosed the distance. His next words were almost panted out, but his voice was still coaxing: "It’s fine. It will fit. I will be very gentle."

As he spoke, he had already reached down and slipped two fingers inside her. Lu Xun always had hands that seemed a bit cold, so when his two cool fingers touched and then slipped inside Qian Wei’s secret place, her whole body subconsciously shuddered.

Lu Xun was obviously struggling to endure and, Qian Wei didn’t know if it was just her illusion, but she somehow thought that he had swollen to an even larger size. However, despite that, he restrained himself and silently worked to loosen her up, his two fingers gently stirring up the deepest part of her body and causing her to flush with heat.

Lu Xun again lowered his head and licked Qian Wei’s earlobe while teasing inside of her with one hand and gently massaging her softness with the other. When he next spoke, his voice was unnaturally hoarse: "Qian Wei, it’s wet enough now. I’m going to go inside."

Qian Wei continued to struggle, but she was not Lu Xun's opponent at all and, in the end, she could only cry and beg for mercy. However, Lu Xun did not listen at all and the movements of his hands continued unrelentingly, until even Qian Wei could feel the moistness welling up down below.

Finally, she said in a weak voice, "Lu Xun, have you done this with someone else before? Why are you so skilled?"

Lu Xun grinned, revealing white teeth: "Qian Wei, I’ve been rehearsing this moment with you in my dreams countless times, ever since back then." He gently kissed the corner of one of her wet and trembling eyes, but despite his gentle action, his tone was a little ferocious. "I’ve been wanting to do this with you for so long, to finally dirty you and make you scream."

As those words fell, Lu Xun finally withdrew his cool fingers, but then, in the next moment, those fingers were replaced by something even thicker and more fierce. This new object was hard and hot and seemed to almost have a mind of its own as it throbbed and pressed against her secret entrance.

Lu Xun then used his hands to inexorably push Qian Wei’s legs apart until they seemed to make a letter ‘M’ in front of her body. His actions were swift and strong, and, with her hands still bound up in his tie, Qian Wei could not escape at all. Before long, she could only shamefully lay in front of Lu Xun with her legs stretched wide.

Some fine beads of sweat had appeared on Lu Xun’s forehead at some point, and he carefully gripped his tool, stared directly into Qian Wei's eyes, and then slowly but firmly pushed himself inside.

"Mm, do you feel it?" He leaned down and murmured, "This is your man."

Qian Wei’s mind was blank due to the sudden unbearable and soreness, but Lu Xun just continued to advance inch by inch until he had reached her deepest place. Qian Wei distantly felt as if her entire body had been completely filled, and she gasped like a fish out of water. Then, Lu Xun grabbed her hand and interwove their fingers together before beginning to move.

Qian Wei began to gasp and pant, completely unable to control herself, and she murmured: "Ah... gently... gently..."

At first, Lu Xun was able to follow her words, but things soon spiraled out of control and he began to pump faster and faster. Distantly, Qian Wei could hear her poor old sofa creaking and groaning and she began to feel afraid that it might collapse at any second.

Lu Xun was like a ferocious wolf and he fiercely inserted himself between Qian Wei’s legs, making it impossible for her to close him. Of course, due to Lu Xun’s repeated invasion, she had no strength to close her legs in the first place. However, Lu Xun seemed to feel this was not enough. He was like a cat who had finally caught its prey, not content to just snap the prey up in one bite but instead choosing to play with it slowly. Before she noticed, he had begun to bite and nibble at her pale breasts, leaving dark red kiss marks even as they shook up and down under his pistoning. Qian Wei could only whimper, unable to resist as Lu Xun put her body into all kinds of shameful positions.

Then, Lu Xun once again pushed himself deep inside her and, just as she gradually managed to get used to this odd sense of fullness, he suddenly and maliciously pulled himself out again.

Qian Wei slowly cracked her misty eyes open and looked up at Lu Xun with a confused yet pleading expression.

But Lu Xun didn’t make any further move. Instead, he just continued to caress Qian Wei's chest with one hand while stirring up her secret place that was overflowing with wetness with the other. He murmured: "Hmm?"

Qian Wei tried to endure, but eventually, she broke down. Her face flushed deeply red and she half-cried: "Put it in."

Lu Xun was obviously also struggling to endure, but he didn’t immediately give her what she wanted, instead, he asked in a slightly unstable voice: "Who?"

"You..." Qian Wei closed her eyes and shouted, "Lu Xun!"

Lu Xun leaned down and whispered into her ear: "Then tell me, who is Lu Xun to you?" He kissed Qian Wei's slightly trembling eyelashes and continued, "I won't give it to you again until you tell me the right answer."


However, Lu Xun still didn’t move: “Wrong.”

Right now, Qian Wei somehow felt as if there was something hot itching and scratching and crawling around beneath her skin, something that would only be relieved if her body were filled again the way it had been moments ago. Thus, she completely tossed away all of her modesty and reserve, bit her lower lip, and murmured: "Husband." Because of her shyness, her voice was tiny like a gnat, and her dewy eyes looked up at him pleadingly: "Husband, put it in."

With those four words, Lu Xun couldn’t endure any longer, and he slammed himself down against Qian Wei’s hips, pushing himself in all the way to the root in one motion: "It’s all yours."

After that, Lu Xun didn’t speak again. Soon the air was full of a heady and musky scent, and the room was silent save for occasional gasps for air, Qian Wei’s soft moans, the patter of flesh meeting flesh, and the wet sound of long and lingering kisses.

Lu Xun's rhythm was indomitable, like an indefatigable perpetual motion machine, but before long the sofa showed signs of being unable to match his bottomless physical strength. Eventually, with a final tortured groan, the sofa completely gave up the ghost and then died on the spot, unceremoniously falling apart.

The moment the sofa began to disintegrate, Lu Xun unconsciously protected Qian Wei with his body, and the two people rolled down onto the carpet. Due to this sudden episode, Qian Wei found herself sitting atop Lu Xun with their lower bodies still connected.

Qian Wei began to twist away and try to get up, but Lu Xun quickly caught her and seemed intent on continuing in this position.

Qian Wei shoke her head in refusal, and protested weakly between gasps for breath: "D-downstairs… I have neighbors downstairs… let’s go to the bedroom…"

"Then you’ll have to tighten up."

Before Qian Wei could respond, Lu Xun had already stood up while supporting her with his arms. He put one hand on her back and the other underneath her butt, and then walked to the bedroom without ever breaking their connection.

Qian Wei's hands were still bound by his tie, so she could only rely on Lu Xun’s hands to stop her from falling. Naturally, the fear made her whole body taut, and Lu Xun’s hard rod was gripped even more strongly inside her body.

"You’re so tight..."

Lu Xun finally began to pant uncontrollably, and he was completely unable to hold himself back. He slipped out of her and then set her down so she was leaning against the wall with her back to him.

"Keep your hips up." Lu Xun grunted.

Finished speaking, he once again thrust himself inside, using one motion to push himself in all the way to the root, before beginning to wantonly piston himself in and out of her sexy ass.

Qian Wei was completely naked, and her snow-white body was already covered with blue and purple bruises and all she could do was helplessly lean against the wall. She looked up and noticed that there was a painting hanging the wall she was leaning against that, because of Lu Xun's violent pumping, was trembling, shaking, and looking ready to fall from its hook at any second.

Seeing that only made Qian Wei feel all the more ashamed but, at the same time, that shame somehow seemed to cause her physical sensitivity and pleasure to increase. Suddenly, Lu Xun gripped one of her legs and lifted it up so that he could continue to invade her from a sideways angle, and Qian Wei could only helplessly accept the mind-numbing pleasure that was overwhelming her brain. As Lu Xun's rod pumped in and out, it created moist squelching sounds as the wetness of her secret place was stirred again and again.

"Qian Wei, give me a baby."

As Lu Xun said those words, he once again pushed his full length inside before finally releasing into the deepest part of her body.

The extreme pleasure made Qian Wei scream, and a moment later Lu Xun slowly withdrew himself from her body. Following his withdraw, a muddy, thick, and white mixture of fluids began to seep from that place and wind its way down her thigh.

Lu Xun smiled: He had finally dirtied her and made her scream.

Then, just when the tired and limp Qian Wei thought it was all over, Lu Xun suddenly picked her up and said: "Now we can go to the bedroom."

Qian Wei immediately began to wiggle and struggle in his arms: "Lu Xun, don't you have to go to a meeting with your client tomorrow morning? This much should be enough for tonight, right? You should conserve your strength..."

"Haven't you ever heard of dual cultivation?" Lu Xun gave a faint smile. "Don't you know that in all the martial arts novels the main characters always get stronger and improve their skills after taking the yin and replenishing the yang?"

Qian Wei couldn’t resist him at all, and before long, the two of them had done it again in the bedroom. After that, Lu Xun solemnly promised only to help Qian Wei bathe but, in the end, he couldn’t help himself and they had done it again in the bathroom.

By the end of the night, Qian Wei had no idea how many times the two of them had done it, she only knew that her mind was lost in a haze of ecstasy and pleasure, and she that she had begun to suspect that it might be completely impossible for her to separate herself from Lu Xun for the rest of her life.

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tl note: Sorry for the delay… I did my best. Honestly, smut is really not my wheelhouse and I’m not super comfortable with it. Usually, I can translate a chapter this size in one sitting, but I had to stop working and come back this doc like half a dozen different times before I managed to get it done. oof

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