Polis in Lucian Pronunciation • Index of all Recordings

Dec 27, 2020

Index of all recordings of Polis in Lucian Pronunciation

Polis (Lucian) 00a Commands in the Classroom, Ἐντολαὶ ἐν τῷ οἰκήματι τῆς σχολῆς 

Polis (Lucian) 00b Commands in the Garden, Ἐντολαί ἐν τῷ κήπω

Polis (Lucian) 01 Elements, accentuation, diphthongs, breathings, punctuation; Τὰ στοιχεῖα, ἡ τάσις, αἱ δίφθογγοι, τὰ πνεύματα, ἡ διάστιξις 

Polis (Lucian) 02 Numbers (Cardinal), Ἀριθμοί (Κύριοι) 

Polis (Lucian) 03a Τίς εἶ σύ; 

Polis (Lucian) 03b Πόθεν ἐστὲ ὑμεῖς; 

Polis (Lucian) 03c Τίς ἐστιν Ἰωάννης; 

Polis (Lucian) 04a Commands, Ἐντολαί 

Polis (Lucian) 04b Ἐν τῇ στρατιᾷ 

Polis (Lucian) 04c Ἐν τῷ πλοίῳ 

Polis (Lucian) 04d Commands & questions, Ἐντολαί & ἐρωτήματα 

more coming soon!

Polis is a wonderful book created by Dr. Christophe Rico that teaches Ancient Greek through Total Physical Response - Sequential (TPRS), a technique used commonly in the modern language classroom, engaging students from the first day with movement and actions entirely in Ancient Greek, allowing learners to feel and live the language as if it were their native tongue.

The Polis book is available on Amazon here.

While the audio for the text may be accessed for free on the Polis website, the pronunciation used by the speakers is a variant of Erasmian pronunciation, which is not an historical reconstruction of the Greek language (of course, if historical accuracy isn't a concern, and you like Erasmian, no problem! 👍please enjoy what you're accustomed to). For that reason I am providing recordings of the same parts of the Polis book — freely available to everyone, so please share them — in the Lucian Pronunciation of Ancient Greek.

Lucian Pronunciation was designed to be both an aesthetically pleasing and historically accurate pronunciation system for Ancient Greek that is easy to learn and unifies all standards of pronunciation. If you'd like to learn more about Lucian Pronunciation, I recommend this video where its co-developer Raphael Turrigiano and I explain the benefits and utility of Lucian over other standards.

The key benefit of using the Lucian Pronunciation is that it will give you the ability to understand all the other pronunciation standards, like Erasmian, Restored Attic, Buth Koine, and Modern/Reuchlinian, so whoever you get to speak to in Ancient Greek will be able to understand you, and vice versa. So learning Lucian Pronunciation will not separate you from other speakers of Ancient Greek; on the contrary, it will allow you to connect fluidly with all of them.

And amazingly, quite a few native speakers of Modern Greek have also expressed their enthusiasm for Lucian Pronunciation, which was one of the goals of its development.

If you're interested hearing more in Lucian Pronunciation, I have several recordings freely available:

Ancient Greek in Action video series

Kataskopos novella


As well as the entire original Greek text of the Gospel of John in my audiobooks store.

Χάριν ῡ̔μῖν ἔχω! 😊

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