Chapter 4. Psycho
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Cold sweat droplets jiggled and joined into tiny drops to flow down his both temple sides. The cold weather couldn’t decipher his exertion and aggression and left him alone to sweat against its frosty mode and run over the thin white snow bed to an unknown man-less destination.

The image of the man in the limousine had seemed familiar but when he saw the same person in the poster near the street, it repeatedly hammered in his head; no amount of running seemed to blur the strong ripples in the quiet ocean of his memories. He was David Block, how could he forget him? Though Alex had managed to flee from the sight of the limousine before they could dart at him; but even his enormous amount of running remained unable to help him escape from his unlocked inner demons. He knew this man’s face very well, including several other monstrous expressions. He knew all the brutality hidden behind the luxurious golden frames and his elegant facial features. He was made hard to forget, but how can one forget the most intense horrors of one’s life?

As Alex ran wilder, his flashbacks turned vivid and started to wipe away dense clouds from his lost memory. The pictures from the past bulged out of the darkness, out of his lost vision, and sprinkled their bloody paints on the canvas of his conscious. The terror and pain in those moving images mounted to such sheerness that Alex nearly fell down screaming into a side bush, off into an uninhibited coniferous jungle. He didn’t know how far and to which direction he had been running; warmth of other humans and smoking chimneys of houses seemed distant from his place.

But he least cared about strangers at the moment because he was so occupied making lost connections with the ones whom he already knew. Out of his embossed outlying images from scattered pieces of lost memory, he could see himself lying, tied, helpless and shouting to his loudest as laser machines worked on his both eyes cornea. He watched himself begging for mercy while the CEO_ yes the very damned CEO calmly stood aside, smiling with an utter satisfaction ironed on his forehead. Oh! And needles pinned into under feet to inject God knows what chemicals; his fuming abdomen red with pain and his ears plugged with grinding intense noises… and…

Alex could not think more. He and only he knew how his soul trembled with soreness while being the victim of those terrible experiments just to induce the disease immunity and amnesia to forget the company’s secrets. He kept fallen on his stomach, shrunk into himself and went on crying and wailing like an afraid and panicked child. Let the ruthless lifeless jungle hear how brutal a man could be, to experiment his ability and power.

Moments passed, minutes passed and then a couple of hours. After his empty stomach left his intention to shout all day, eventually stopped crying and yelling, more tired than calmed down; he just stared into the sky or sometimes scratched the ground with his fingers. Then at sometime of the evening, he at once started to crawl back, on his knees and finally started to run back towards the city side. This time his feet unbalanced and eyes stared into a distant point like a beast.

He could recall how the virus had shrunk the population of Artex Park city up to a critical level. He knew the inside outs of the company who had actually introduced the virus; then wickedly in order to gain political favor from the government and social support to uplift fame; David Block practiced his underground violent ways to drag in some victims for painful experiments. The poor souls’ screams never stirred their ears as they were already deafened by their inner drums of greed and voracity. Alex once being his gang assistant manager turned against the whole inhuman scheme; hence faced the same cabins of torture followed by amnesia. But David Block probably didn’t know that the horror of physically and mentally torturing experiments were not possible to be curtained by an induced amnesia.

After all he had the right to know his enemy. Rage and distress were blindfolding him just like the darkness had started to deepen in the sky. Anger was such nightfall where nothing was distinct except chaos of emotions that drifted towards gravity of vacuum inside him. He was walking continuously despite his energy-less legs and soon he had again reached the pool of Artex Park citizens. He avoided deliberately joining the crowd as his next destination was not to find his friends but to ruin his enemies. His heart was tearing apart with sentiments of hatred and revenge. Additionally, there was no sign or scent of Christy around. He thought of her for a weaker moment and his focused eyes cornea rolled for few times in her search, but instead of finding her his focus was paused at a lonely parked car.

Alex walked by a wall side and slowly moved towards the car. Making sure that his feet produced no audible sound, he slithered towards the car. To start it was not an issue for his unforgotten talent. So few moments later, he was seen already climbed into it and the shouting owners were running out of his sight fast. Ignoring the protestors, he savagely pedaled on the accelerator and drove towards north. Amnesia didn’t seem to disorient his basic skills; or may b Amnesia didn’t work on what his hands had learnt.

Alex fairly knew that the David Block’s palace could not be without guards at this moment, so he chose to direct his way towards his least visited hideout. It didn’t take him long to get on the road to the specific house. The trees and street lights along the road were becoming familiar. Alex sighed at the whole shift of situation; once he drove on these roads like a hero, but it is funny how time and swing of power can transverse a heroic lifestyle into a psychotic hideous stealer.

The night was approaching fast; darkness helped him parking the car safely at a distance. In front of him was the hut shaped big house of David Block; made of dark brown wooden tiles and surrounded by untrimmed fresh growing plants. He moved through the bushes towards the back side of the house and sneaked into the shining brown windows whenever he passed through them. He was anxious but careful enough to keep his steps soundless. Twice he had to watch around and climb shorter stone walls to get inside the boundary.

In the backyard, all he could see was the broken furniture swept into the corner of a partially covered repairing garage. It led through a rough muddy path to a wood carved back door with metallic design patches.

Must be locked, Alex thought.

Instead of taking a risk of turning the door knob, he grabbed a wood bar from the junk and moved voicelessly like a snake towards the giant window beside the door. He peeked into the house through the window and tucked the wood edge into the window slider to push it open. After a fair try and cautious knocks, it slide upwards. Alex looked in again; there was no sign of even an animal inside that turned him bolder to climb in without more vigilance.

He walked through the lounge, looking around at the luxury and details of every décor. The furniture was posh, with metallic luster at its edges. How many lives had these wallpapers eaten to be bought? Half of his sweat and shrieks were included too behind these non living proud riches. His hatred amplified seeing the cozy bed and soft blanket wrapped onto it. While he had been tied and agonizing on the metal stature, this monster was sleeping in this feathery bed with eyes-warming girls.

Alex’s felt his blood rushing in his veins and waves of intense disgust ran down his spinal; he tried to walk slowly with patience, but then sways the wood rod in the air and knocked down the glimmering precious crystals down the shelves. That’s what the bastard deserved, yes. His violent yelling echoed in the halls of the isolated standing house while he went on destroying the mattress and smacking the led screens and glass items into pieces. Savagely, he ran into the empty dining and rolled the chairs upside down on the floor, not only he threw apart every article that could possibly move, he also tripped several times, made his skin bleed, but his psychotic outburst never seemed to end.

He kept running like a mad dog through room to room, practicing the destruction; but then he had to stop just after he wiped another shelf through his wooden rod to the ground. The picture frames, fallen with their glass broken, displayed a teeny girl happily cuddling with David Block. He dropped the rod and held the broken frame in his both hands while his eyes lens shrunk into utter disbelief


He went on staring at the picture.

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