Changes made! for $1+ & $5+ Patrons
Good Morning everyone! Today is March 1st and I've opened up all WIP artworks for my $1 Patrons, some of these are already up on DeviantArt, but most of them are not.  Some may never make it onto DA.

For my $5+ Patrons, I've already uploaded this week's page, more pages to come.  enjoy!

Ch 5 - Pg 7

For my $1+ Patrons, these are the WIP artworks that have opened up for your viewing:

All WIP's

Arima - Tokyo Ghoul 

Black/Wicket Lady - SailorMoon

Princess Serenity - SailorMoon

Kirito - Sword Art Online

Tobi - Naruto

Neji - Naruto

Rei - Free!

Haru - Free!

Shoyo - Hiakyuu!! (finished work on DA)

Touka - Tokyo Ghoul

Rei - Free! (Sketch)

Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul (Sketch)

Hollow Ichigo - Bleach (finished work on DA)

Naruto - Naruto (Colour, finished work on DA)

Naruto - Naruto (Sketch)

Haru - Free (Sketch)

Luffy - One Piece (Colour, finished work on DA)

Kakashi - Naruto (finished work on DA)

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