Alice Awakening 0.4.1 DEV CHANGELOG

Hey there!

This update became bigger than I expected it to be, so I did a lot of changes in the game. I planned to add new events and story continuation in the Developer Build but now I decided to left it for Stable build, and make Dev. one more "technical". So, this changelog is all I could made for Developer's Build and I'm sure you'll like it.

Also I updated Walkthrough with list of all events. You can check what events have what condition.

Quests + Events Walkthrough 

Alice Awakening 0.4.1 DEV Changelog:

  • Fixed known bugs
  • Added Alice stats window in the bedroom, under Upgrade menu
  • Added Load button next to Save button
  • Added items effects in the Items menu, so now you’ll see what item effect is currently activated
  • Added Luck system for box looting. With every fail you’ll get +1 to Luck. With successful looting Luck will drop to 0. More Luck = Better Luck.
  • Changed Crush buff. Now it makes you get “talking” events with 100% chance.
  • Changed some events conditions.
  • Removed almost all RNG conditions for events, but still some RNG left for some events, because I have 0 idea how to make 2 events happen at the same time, so I had to leave the random choice.
  • IMPORTANT: Added Wait option in Hall, Bathroom and Kitchen. Now to get events in those rooms you should just press the Wait button. Now events won’t happen anymore in those rooms after looting boxes or getting buffs.
  • IMPORTANT: Now moods are affecting “warning” counter gain. Bad mood will probably cause Alice to wake up even from 1 touch
  • Changed Alice stats loss from failed escape. Now it just decreases Relations, and decreases it depending on your current amount of Relations. Better relations = more you’ll lose.
  • Added Walkthrough button in main menu
  • Added tips for quests
  • Changed some other things, but I don’t remember what exactly

Pretty big changelog, huh? I'm going to sleep right now because I'm tired as hell.


2020 year was kinda bad for me and for almost everyone on this planet. I had super big life-changing plans this year, and all them fell apart just because of COVID-19 and only because of that. I'm sure 2021 will be much better for us. Still, I'm very happy and super excited that I have you all, because without you it could been the worst year in my life. 

You saved me from that. Thank you all guys.

Happy New 2021 Year, thanks for supporting me this year and see you pretty soon with finished 0.4.1 update! Be safe!

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