New Patron-only series: setting up a Windows laptop for development in 2021

Hiya! I got a much-needed new primary development and video production machine this month, and I thought I'd try an experiment. I'm going to be documenting the process of setting up this machine with screencasts, going over stuff like Docker, Linux on WSL2, VS Code, Windows Terminal, and more. 

Why another Windows box? Well, that's a long story and part of it has to do with video production. But with tech like WSL2 baked in, and more and more tools being open-sourced, Windows has become a surprising sweet spot for software development. If you're curious about the new era of Windows-based development, you might dig this series.

The real experiment is that I'm publishing this series on my courseware site (currently found at and if you are a current Patreon supporter, you should automatically have access to the course! At least, that's the theory. 

Go here to sign in to the course. If you haven't used that site before, use the "forgot password" process to set your password. After that, you should have access to the videos! Let me know if you have any problems.

I'm experimenting with a bunch of things here:

  • Descript for quickly cutting out boring bits in the video without spending a ton of time in post.
  • VideoPress for video hosting
  • WPFusion to sync enrollments to patrons

Let me know how it works for you!

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