Snowcovered Lakeside Trail Battlemap

As the sun rides low in the sky, the intrepid adventures make their way to town to settle down for the night. With the twinkling of the first evening lights enticing them from just around the curve of the lake, they fail to notice the quiet snarls coming from the ridge above them...

Whether travelling along the lakes in Icewind Dale or just making their way along a frozen river, any party travelling through ice and snow will undoubtedly come across an encounter that can use this map. Featuring a ridge overlooking a trail with a line-of-sight breaking boulder and small copse of trees, this map is perfect for a quick encounter with some hungry animals or perhaps some hungry bandits...

We've provided three versions of this particular map. All versions are at 72dpi and suitable for use on a virtual tabletop.

  • The Original: This is the full sized original version of the map made using Inkarnate. The dimensions are a little odd on the map but it can be resized to fit most virtual tabletops without an issue. This image is 2868 x 2151.
  • Cropped: Because of the odd size of the original version of the map, we elected to crop it down to 2800 x 2100 by removing some of the right side of the map and some of the bottom of the map. This makes the battlemap the proper size for a 40x30 grid at 70px per square but does not provide the grid built in to the map for those who use a different grid size.
  • Cropped w/ Grid: This is the same as the cropped version of the map but with the 70px grid built in to the map.

This battlemap was made using Inkarnate with the default textures available for Pro users.

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