Save Me From Myself || Book 1

After confessing his feeling to his best friend, Beau, Theo finds himself to be the most hated person in his school. To make matters worse, his own brother treats him even more horribly than the bullies at school, and his drunken father doesn't care what is going on under his roof. But no one is as cruel to him as he is himself.

Theo is on the verge of ending his misery once and for all, but then the notorious troublemaker of the school, Deon, takes interest in him. Reluctantly Theo makes a deal with him: Deon keeps the bullies at bay as long as Theo acts as his sidekick while he's breaking the rules, and as a servant, fetching his coffee and carrying his bag.

Things are finally starting to look brighter, especially when Theo's biggest wish finally seems to come true...

The first book in this series is now also available as an eBook and physical book on Amazon! If you are interested in getting a copy of your very own, head to my website at

Trigger Warnings Below Chapter Selection!

Chapter Selection

0. Prologue | Free

1. In the Darkness | Free 

2. Stupid | Free

3. Pathetic | Free

4. Sidekick 

5. Messed Up 

6. Ridiculous 

7. Sleepover 

8. Annoying and Useless 

9. A Trip Downtown 

10. Disappointment 

11. In His Embrace 

12. A Wish Come True 

13. Ups and Downs 

14. Another Favor 

15. As a Friend 

16. Breaking 

17. Shattered 

18. Worthless 

19. Done 

20. Hell 

21. His Secret 

22. Deepest Wish 

23. Peace at Last 

       Saving Him 

Trigger Warnings:

Physical/Verbal Abuse and Violence - This is the major trigger warning since the story contains quite a lot of these scenes!

Self-harming and Suicide - The MC is dealing with a lot of suicidal thoughts, especially in the first book. There are a few self-harming scenes that will be tagged before the scene starts! I've tried to make them vague but it will be clear what is going on!

Rape - The story does not contain actual rape scenes, but there are some rapey moments!

Sex - There will be (only) consensual sex scenes between males

Alcohol and Drugs - Alcohol will be used during the story. No drugs.

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