-IMPORTANT- Moving my stuff to Discord!!

Since Patreon Is a mess to post content I'll be moving to discord!!

In case you are still not able to connect to it here goes a few reasons why discord may not be working:

1- Your Patreon is somehow not connected to discord
You can connect your Patreon to discord here!!

2- You have to restart your discord
Just close it from the minimized menu and reopen it (a more simple way to do so is to just restart your pc or log out and in)

3- You stopped donating
You only wanted to support me as a one-time thing! That's great! Any support is ❤️ really appreciated!! ❤️But when you stop donating the Patreon bot takes away your roles, so you might not be able to see the channels anymore. I contacted Patreon support for a way to solve this and this is what they told me:

''What your Patreons can do, is start a membership with you again, and then cancel before the 1st of the next month (So they are not billed for the next month and this way they can keep their discord integration). They won't be billed for this, since they paid for this month already, so they have credit on their accounts. Hope this helps!''

So yep basically  you just need to start the membership again and cancel it before the 1st of the next month! You won't be billed extra since you already paid!

If the problem persists you can contact Patreon support here! 

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