Development Update & Survey January 2021

Hey folks!

It’s been 4 updates since the game entered phase 2 of development, and things are certainly shaping up and getting refined as I wanted. The menus have so many options now, even I get lost in them sometimes! ...I’m gonna have to look into improving that at some point..

Some highlights from the last few months:

  • Significantly more real-time persistence
  • Hair colors
  • Custom naming
  • Importing/Exporting of Save Data
  • Toggle presets (with randomizer)
  • Holiday events (halloween & christmas)
  • Improvements to most types of tasks in the game, too many to list here! (Check out the 0.11 patch notes)
  • Reworked the schedule of the game and made it far less predictable
  • Reworked & further developed endings, UI, Favor, Score
  • Further developed the mischievous state further, with things like locking buttons.
  • Added new Cockhero-like content
  • 6x more animations
  • Significant improvements to chastity & no touching
  • Added session scheduling
  • Added toggle locking
  • There are now 110+ session customization toggles.
  • There are now 20+ session customization sliders.
  • There are now 600+ tasks.

Mac support:

A couple months ago, I started supporting Macs. Or at least... I tried to start supporting Macs.
It turns out there’s a surprising amount of possible issues that I was not prepared for!

Sadly, my inexperience is showing on this problem. I do not have any experience developing for Macs, nor any real idea how to resolve some of the rendering issues that have appeared for them.

I cannot justify focusing my efforts on resolving these issues right now, as the Mac playerbase seems to be very very small at the moment. I think my time is currently better spent improving the game for everyone.

I apologize to those that supported the project due to Mac support that couldn’t get their game to run. Here are some options:

1. I can instead provide you access to a web browser version of the full game that seems to work more consistently for Macs (or chromebooks, etc). Send me a Patreon or Discord DM (Preferably Discord, that way I can give you a role that’ll always give you access even if the password changes).

2. I’ve been told it runs perfectly well on Bluestacks, this’ll allow you to run the android version of the game on your Mac.

3. If you’d rather have a refund than use these options, just contact me through Patreon DMs.

I will no longer be promoting the game as having Mac support for now, and will instead wait until I can give it the time it needs.

Question & Survey:

As I keep working towards ever more features and customization, I also find myself asking some questions about my initial design ideas and how they fit into what the game has become, and how most people use it.

My primary goal has always been to make a game with a focus on replayability, and providing something that anyone can return to frequently without feeling like they’ll be interacting with content they’re bored of.

I’ve observed that a lot of people seem to be disabling the oral minigame (the fill up bar one) after a little while, and it made me think a bit about how I would approach fixing that.

So far, my conclusion is that the idea of ‘’minigames’’ is too detached from the core point of the game, and it’s impossible to design something that will retain longevity as the core gameplay does.
Most full-fledged mechanics driven games don’t even achieve that much, and I think it might have been misplaced to try making something like this work within the context of a JOI game.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’ll be completely dropping the idea, but I’m definitely considering putting it on the backburner or reframing minigames entirely.
Right now I’m leaning more towards minigames you can be offered to play to earn her favor outside of a ‘’session’’. This is just a rough idea so far, though.

I understand this might sound disappointing to some that enjoy the current one, but I really want to focus my current efforts on the game’s longevity. I think there’s plenty of other NSFW games out there that fulfill what minigames would fulfill, but there’s few that can offer what this game does best.

That said, I’d love to have your thoughts on this matter, so I’ve included a question in the survey released today where you can give me your opinion. Thanks for your time!

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