The 8th Annual Blue Mind Online Book Club

For the past seven years we have read Blue Mind together nightly, a few pages each evening, one chapter per week. We haven't missed a single reading (that's an unbroken streak of 490 nights together). 

We've live-streamed from all over the world to thousands of readers all over the world, and even did the book club from a Ferris wheel one night.

It's been a very informative and always enjoyable experience on many levels. It's also exhausting, inconvenient, and a major labor of love. There's really no other book club like it. It really makes no logical sense to continue. 

But on January 24th we'll dive in again. Because we all really need it now. You know what I mean?

WHAT: The 8th Annual Blue Mind Online Book Club

WHEN: Jan 24th through April 3rd, nightly at 5:30 pm PT. Watch/listen live or later.

WHERE: Online on my Facebook Page ( from various interesting venues including my kitchen table, Jeep, beach, etc.

WHY: You tell me. I know some people use the book club to learn, train their team in Blue Mind science and/or fall asleep.

WHO: Me, you and a surprise list of guest readers.

HOW: Get a book (you dont need one though), log on, listen in, and share your thoughts and questions.


  • Every Sunday evening we'll use the Readers' Guide in the back of the paperback edition in our discussion. It's also available here for those who don't have a book.
  • Yes, it's free. Yes, anyone can join.
  • If you fall behind, don't worry. We read the book slowly, just a few pages each day. You can catch up fast or just jump ahead.
  • The full text of every chapter of the book is available on Patreon, see links below.
  • Get in touch if you have any questions I haven't answered yet or post them below because someone else probably has the same question: [email protected]
  • Thank you to Blue Mind Divers for being a sponsor for the second year in row. Join them by becoming a patron.
  • Yes, a free book. And a free book club. 
  • Because I love you.

I'll post links to each day's reading below as they happen.

Intro, Preface & Foreword

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 & Acknowledgements

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