Box Art History #3: Fairchild Channel F - A Critical Hit!

Fairchild's Channel F was the first video game console to run games directly from a cartridge. While Magnavox's Odyssey had game cards that resembled cartridges (see part one), the cards merely activated game logic from inside the console itself. But very few people ever saw Odyssey's additional games or their corresponding boxes.

New Article (Box Art History #3) & Update

Jan 13, 2021

Need a short break from browsing social media or the news? Enjoy another deep dive into the earliest video game box art. We've finally made it to the cartridge games, where things get really interesting.

I was hoping to have a video to show by now, but what a rough period of history we're in. Here's what's on deck:

1) Nintendo's Forgotten FMV Game

2) Ready Player One Was Wrong: The First Easter Eggs

3) Stan Lee Before The Mustache: His Pre-Movie Comic Cameos

4) Redefining The Word "Superhero"

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