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Pahowdy Prospect Database 2003-2021

Jan 14, 2021

Public database for NFL prospect 2003-2021

Click the link above to get access to 2250 players' data, 460 columns of information and stats as well as 871 sweet, sweet records of UDFA's. 

It's free, obvi. Share at your leisure but please also share the information of the people behind it:

The cost is specifically because of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of those in the sources tab. Specifically Matt Spencer (@Maatspencer) and Addison hayes (@amazehayes_) who provided most of the data for the 2021 update and have helped me attached player IDs to hopefully make this process easier. Also, Zeno James (@theDudeZee) and Sean Slavin (@slavinn22) who were the initial, and first nerds, willing and able to help get a significant amount of data to do this. Also, Dynasty League Football, whose help support - and Devy Age table - are invaluable.

The source for most of the raw data is Sports football reference.

Please be sure to support any and all of these people and companies in any way you can. Free data costs a lot in time effort and (weirdly) money. They spent it all willingly and barley complained at all. They are heroes and true Wizards.

We are tracking a lot of stats including Brerkaout Age, Dominator, Yards per Team pass attempt (YTMpA), Combine information, Draft information, as well as "hacking" (or calculating as best I can) other peoples metrics like T/Any A (Sean Slavin) and CPOE (Josh Hermsmeyer.)

Please also check out the "sources" tab for information and follow everyone in there, I also recommend sources for better versions or stats whenever I can and list the origin if I know it.

The "Formula and results" tab record the formulas for the things I'm calculating and my latest RSQ result when testing them for in prospect evaluation.

I'm an amateur, to be very clear. I'm just trying my best to provide value and help to a community I enjoy a lot by providing the elbow grease and leg muscle to combine and host this.

Feel free to let me know if you see anything amiss or have any suggestions for additions and corrections.

Thanks, and lfg

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