My new game, Havoc Brigade, is out today! It's a chaotic one-shot game about orcs on a dangerous mission in a human city. It comes with a pre-generated scenario and characters, so all you need to play is a fistful of dice and some friends willing to cause a ruckus. Things have been a bit slow here of late as I spent nearly a month in the UK, but I'm back home in Australia now so I can crack on with releasing some more games. Next up after this is a collection of four short games which all involve behaving in some strange way: wearing lots of hats, sticking playing cards to your head, etc. Hopefully I'll be good to go with it early next month. The PDF's attached. Take a look! If you've backed me at the $10 or above, you'll receive word soon (in scant minutes, even) on how to get your hands on the SUPER-BONUS edition that contains some extra characters and advice on making your own. - G