A walking Ramble for a change because it was gorgeous out and I felt like it. Petted one excellent cat. Kinda ran out of steam once I arrived home from my walk so it's a short one.

No links to speak of, but broad themes include:

  • Leaving town and the weird, false sense of urgency I curse myself with in these situations
  • Some ideas about how to make our experiences on the internet richer, stranger, and more human (in response to this tweet from Evan)
  • Trying to figure out how to follow people where they're most themselves

Thrilled to report that I'm trying out a new program for audio editing and transcribing that Robin turned me onto called Descript that is FUCKING MAGICAL and has allowed me to generate a transcript for this Ramble. I've attached the text file to this post, so if audio's not your jam you can read it instead. (Didn't do a ton of editing, so forgive me if there's the odd bit of awkward syntax, but I'm excited to start folding this into the practice for accessibility reasons.)

Also in the time since I recorded this we swore in a female vice president for the first time in US history. 


Okay goodbye I love you


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