Future game: Glassix 2 - Virtual Cities

Glassix 2 - Virtual Cities will be a sequel for Glassix and will have some similar features while also bringing new and different mechanisms.


Following the ending of Glassix, Lily managed to get her hands on Anael and uses her angelic powers for a large variety of different experimentations aiming to entertain her selfish desires. Such experiments require large amount of magical energy and Lily has been trying to find a way to harness such energy in the easiest and laziest way she could. After several years of trial and errors, Lily latest design to achieve this goal is to create virtual cities and have a poor random soul taken from the outside world and pushed into those. By living a virtual life in those cities and achieving different goals, Lily could collect karma from the actions of this soul, good or bad, which could turn into magical energy, the bigger the goal, the more energy. You take the role of this poor soul and will have to live several lives achieving different goals to please your owner...


  • Roguelite: In each playthrough, cities, citizens and goals are randomly generated to offer a fresh experience to the player.  After completing the goal of a city, the player can keep playing or move on to the next city, sharing the karma earned with Lily or using it to unlock things to make the next goal easier.
  • Many different goals: Each playthrough have its own main goal which will give a huge boost to karma upon completion. Goals will have a large panel of possibilities, be it good or bad: Corrupt a certain amount of girls in the city, earn a certain amount of money, become the best surgeon, catch a renowned criminal, own the most buildings and much more planned thanks to the planned "Story teller" tool. 
  • Many different starting scenario: Will you start as the son of a gorgeous mother you must corrupt? A bum in the street? The headmaster of a university? Each playthrough will bring you something fresh to try.
  • City life simulation: Using the planned "World generators" tool, cities will be simple grids with each cell containing different kinds of infrastructures: houses, apartments, businesses, parks, lakes, roads and more. You'll live somewhere in the city, with your virtual family or alone and will live your life among the citizens to reach your goal. Similar to Glassix, you'll have to work to earn money, study or practice to increase your skills, date girls and more.
  • Citizens life simulation: Using the planned "Story teller" tool, the player will be able to meet a large cast of citizens, each with their home, jobs, hobbies, schedules and whatnot. Most citizens will be generic, with similar content between citizens while some of them will have their own unique story. It'll be up to you how you interact with them. Become a friend or lover, break their friendship, steal their lovers or businesses... Though some actions might have serious consequences.

Completion time expectation

1 or 2 years

This is a wide guess and will obviously change depending on which game I start work on first and future possible new feature requested by patrons.

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