Future game: Vampire Revenge - Rebirth

Vampire Revenge - Rebirth will be a sequel for Vampire Revenge and will have some shared features while bringing new mechanisms too. This new game project differs from my original posts about the 2D Vampire Revenge - Rebirth which had to be cancelled due to the 2D artist bailing on me. This new game project will be in 3D so older posts are no longer relevant but I still want to keep the name so it might show other people that sometimes in life, shit happens but the show still goes on. Keep faith! ;) 


Following the ending of Vampire Revenge, the Vampire Lord conquered the world. At least, that's what was expected. However the size of this world was vastly underestimated... Coming from another far bigger continent, new and stronger enemies landed in our shores. What was even more surprising was enemies were a mix of several different races which were not supposed to work together under normal circumstances: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, dark elves... Despite a few initial victories, more and more enemies kept coming, showing the difference in size and population of the two lands. After years of battle, the Vampire Lord armies were defeated and his body sealed in a coffin once more. And once more, years passed while the Vampire Lord slumbered in his coffin... Until someday, somebody opened it...


  • A world in turmoil: The world map will be split in different countries, containing villages, cities, resources spots and dungeons. Each country is fighting for the control of the continent. Fight your way to the top using brute force or diplomacy.
  • Empire management: Control villages and gather resources to improve your owned assets and expand your empire. Each village or city you control can be improved to increase income or fortify your defenses.
  • Army management: Corrupt your enemies to turn them into allies or recruit new units from village and cities you control. Train them to unlock powerful skills and equip them with the best equipment you can find or forge.
  • Team battles: Create teams and dispatch them to either protect your borders or invade your enemies. Balance your teams with different roles such as tanks, damage dealer, support and more.
  • Vampiric powers: Blood is the source of your power. Drink blood to unlock new powers and unleash powerful abilities in battle or use your hypnotic gaze to tame enemies or rebellious subjects.
  • Dungeon Exploration: Explore dangerous dungeons and uncover powerful relics to help you on your quest. But beware of the renegades inhabiting such dungeons.
  • Replayability: In each playthrough, the world map and enemies will be randomly generated from a poll of both generic and custom content using the "World generators" and "Story telling" tools.

Completion time expectation

1 or 3 years

This is a wide guess and will obviously change depending on which game I start work on first and future possible new feature requested by patrons.

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