This Rapper from LA, Can LITERALLY 'Rap To Anything'

People who think classical music is boring and hip hop is not music have not seen this incredible video that went viral on Facebook in June 2020, featuring the jam session of an incredible rapper from the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

Any artist who has ever worked hard to make a piece of music endeavors to create a masterpiece that will stand the trial of time. An individual's legacy can be characterized by longevity, yet subtleties and technicalities don't continuously estimate significance. Many years after their existence, works from any semblance of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart are recognized as well as in certain circles relevant. In any case, the one thing in life that is constant is change, and the music of today is inconceivably unique in nature, content, and crowd.

This combination of classical and hip-hop may appear to be with apropos of nothing. However, there have there been convergences between hip-hop and classical for quite a long time. Of the relative multitude of melodic sub-classifications that make up hip-hop, rap is the place where interaction among classical and hip-hop regularly happen.  Before gaining 18K likes on his random jam video to classical music, Ceno is known widely for his debut hip hop song released in 2015, 'Say My Name.' The artist is also the founder of the record label 700 families that he instituted in 2020.

Sampling has gotten normal in rap music, yet in addition to a wide range of genres of pop music. The scrutiny of sampling happens producers cut pieces of existing melodies and use them in an alternate context from which they were initially conceptualized. Music producers and tastemakers go through hours figuring out old vinyl, and now in the advanced age surfing, Youtube for that ideal sample. Yet, this super-talented rapper Ceno went above and beyond, reflecting that he is indeed the master of his art. Not even needing the samples or requiring the samples, the artist managed to steal the hearts of 18K people by rapping on the spot to Beethoven's classic tunes. Not just that, Ceno shifted from one to another, rapping entirely differently to both the tunes. The video represents that Ceno has the power to rap to anything at any time. Throughout the video, you can witness the charismatic charm on the artist's face representing as if the raps are revealed as one divine revelation to him, reflecting how close he is to his art. With each word of rap pouring right from the artist's heart you will be extremely mystified with his 'music to the ear' rap.

Today, the tradition of program music proceeds in the classical world and hip-hop also. Albeit the contrasts between classical and hip-hop are clear, it's critical to be mindful of the fact that at the core of every one of these genres are musicians. Artists that, regardless of the century, endeavor to create and grow their art form. Variety of sound is vital in making a more creative - and cooler sounding- - future for everybody. By the day's end, the objective of the incredible producer is to create convincing music. Ceno likewise remains the hope for music industry as one incredible rapper and record label founder, indulging in bringing forth new art styles.