Future game: Lust City

Lust City will be a new city survival game and is not related to Lust Complex.


While doing some shopping with your mother and sister, a strange phenomenon occurred in your city. All men suddenly vanished while some women went into frenzy and started sexually assaulting others. Running away, you got separated from your sister and had no choice but to rush back home with your mother only. However it didn't take long for your mother to also go into frenzy and attack you in your sleep. To your surprise, she seemed to calm down after receiving your seed. So many questions filled your mind. Is your seed a remedy to this new unknown disease? Are you the last man in the city? Where does this disease come from? What happened to your sister? It's up to you to find the answers...


  • Explore, scavenge and survive: Explore the city, collect food and scraps, craft equipment and upgrade your base to improve your odds of survival. But beware of being attacked by frenzies. Despite your immunity to the disease, you could well turn into a sex doll forever if you are overwhelmed by their numbers...
  • Community management: Cure frenzies and have them help you scavenge or improve your base. But they will require regular shots to stay sane... How many of them can you save? Using the "Story teller" tool, women will be either generic with similar content or have unique events to keep things entertaining.
  • Base building: Find the best spot in the city to set up your base and improve it to satisfy the basic needs of your community and increase your chances of survival.
  • Team management: Organize your community into teams and equip them adequately to increase their odds to survive during their scavenging runs. 
  • Sex battles: Frenzies will be your main problem. You can either knock them out or knock them in... Enemies will focus on damaging and destroying your clothes and once exposed, will start their sexual assault. Make sure to stay clothed and have spare cloth in your base.
  • Not alone: Other groups of sane individuals have also starting to regroup and create their own communities. Will they be allies or enemies?
  • Find answers: So many questions... Navigate in the city and discover all the answers to those and even more.
  • Replayability: In each playthrough, the city map will be randomly generated using the "World generators" and "Story teller" tools to offer a new experience.

Completion time expectation

1 or 2 years

This is a wide guess and will obviously change depending on which game I start work on first and future possible new feature requested by patrons.

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