Lynx Eye Study in Pastels

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw this lynx eye study using pastels in real-time!


Supply List

*Click this link for a full list of all of the supplies I use - including individual links to each product at Jackson's art supply store where you can get 10% off your first order!

I also receive a very small percentage of the sale to go towards my next art supply order!

PS: They ship world-wide 😊

▶ Clairefontaine Pastelmat - brown - cut down to 4.5” x 4.5

▶ Pan Pastels

*All of these colours are from my Pan Pastel set "General Realism with Kirsty Rebecca" If you are interested in purchasing this set, or would like some more information, click here;

Colours Used: Burnt Sienna Tint, Yellow Ochre Tint, White, Black, Permanent Red Extra Dark, Burnt Sienna, Chromium Oxide Green, Payne’s Grey

▶ Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils:

Colours Used: 283, 199, 151, 140, 101

▶ Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils:

Colours Used: 670, 642, 770, 590, 681, 545, 675, 435, 680, 110, 692

▶ Caran D’ache Pastel Pencils:

Colours Used: Azurite White

▶ Sofft tools to apply Pan Pastels

▶ Pencil Extender (if your pencils are getting small!)

▶ Cotton tips for blending

▶ Scotch tape or masking tape to tape your work down

▶ Craft Knife/Stanley knife for sharpening pencils


I have included 5 versions of the reference photo;

▶  Original Photo (from Pixabay)

▶  Edited Photo (Main reference)

▶  Traceable Outline (to help you start with an accurate outline)

▶  High Saturation/Contrast (to help see hidden colours)

▶  Colour Swatch Sample (to help you pick your own colours)


You can view the entire Patreon library on my website;

Click the "Tutorials" tab in the menu at the top of the page,

and choose "Patreon Tutorial Library"


Sharing/selling your artwork created from the tutorials

Generally, most artists who create online tutorials do not allow you to sell your work, enter any competitions, or claim it as your own in any way. You are allowed to use the tutorials as practice – and that’s all.

The main reasons why people have these “rules” is because they have either used their own reference photos for their tutorials (or have paid for the reference so they have the right to use the photo – but their students don’t) and also because people generally don’t like it when other people copy their work and claim it as their own

However, I am not as fussed as some other people about some of these “rules”

So, to answer some of your questions;

Can I share the artwork I created by following one of your tutorials online?

(to Facebook/Instagram/your own website etc)

I purposely use free royalty-free reference photos, so you won’t have any legal copyright issues if you upload your work online… BUT please don’t claim it as your own work.
I have seen quite a lot of posts recently on social media that are almost an exact replica of my artwork (which is great – I love seeing the work you create from the tutorials) but the artist is basically claiming that they came up with the idea, techniques, colour choices, backgrounds etc.

The courteous, fair, respectful, and honest thing to do is to credit the teacher when you post your artwork online if you follow a tutorial. For example, you can simply add “tutorial by Kirsty Rebecca Fine Art” at the bottom of your post 😊

Can I enter the artwork I created by following one of your tutorials in a competition or show? (online or in-person)

No. This is actually because competitions require you to enter “original artwork”.

So understandably, if you copy one of my tutorials, you (along with many others) would have created copies of the same piece of artwork, that I originally created – therefore you would be breaking competition “rules”

Can I sell the artwork I created by following one of your tutorials?

I don’t have any issues with you selling your work created from the tutorials – just remember to credit the teacher (myself) by adding “tutorial by Kirsty Rebecca Fine Art” to your website listing/social media post etc when you advertise it for sale

Hopefully, this makes things a little clearer! 😊

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