Future games tools introduction

Hi everybody,

With the announcements of my future games projects, you will have noticed that they share many similarities while still offering something different. My aim here is to create some tools allowing me and players who wishes so to create content for my games, with those tools being useable for all my games. There are two key tools planned for such endeavor and I'll try to properly explain them here.

First key tool: The World Generators

My future games will be played either in cities or whole worlds and the easy way to generate those is to use a grid to manage those. Most of you must be familiar with this idea since I guess most H game players are also regular players. Games like Civilization or any 4x strategy games already use such a concept, nothing new here.

The point of this tool will be 2 folds:

  • Create procedurally generated cities or worlds for my game so that each playthrough is different. 
  • Create an interface so creators can create their own cities or worlds for my games.

It will be modified for each game to fit the need but since the core logic behind world generation will be quite similar between my games, once created for the first game, it'll be easily updated and modified for the next games needs.

This first tool should bring something fresh with each playthrough by giving either random or carefully crafted worlds. 

Second key tool: The Story Teller

This one is a bit more complex and is actually a group of several sub tools. 

When creating the game worlds, we'll obviously need to populate it with people. My vision of this is quite simple. Split NPCs in two groups: the generic group and the unique group. The difference is what you can guess from the name, the generic group will have all the necessary interactions to feel complete but will have similar content while the unique group will have unique events carefully crafted by their creators.

Now here are the details about how it'll work. It will be divided in 3 sub tools:

First sub tool: Appearance customizer (The body)

If you played Lust Complex latest version, you might have already experienced an early version of this tool: an interface which will allow creators to fully customize the appearance of girls. However the final one will have many more customization options and allow you to complete shape the face and body of the girl, part by part. Glassix actually uses the SBPR Studio made by Illusion which does exactly that and I intend to reproduce this for my game using Daz3D models since it's a really powerful tool which will give a lot of potential to my games. Minor modifications should be needed between games for this tool to work.

Second sub tool: The NPC roots (The soul)

By using the bodies previously shaped, creators will be able to choose an initial set up for this body in the game setting. For example, in Glassix 2, creators will be able to choose the job, the house type or sexual preferences of the body but in Vampire Revenge Rebirth, they'll choose which role they'll have in the enemy army, their race, their rank and so on. This tool might need more modification between games but overall, the interface will stay easy to use as much as possible.

Third sub tool: The event creator (The destiny)

This tool will allow creators to add new events to each games with their own trigger conditions. A large variety of conditions will be available such as the time, day, which npc, npc attributes, cloth, weather, location and so on. Coupled with a variety of different hooks to trigger event at different moment of the game (changing location, after or while sleeping, after a certain action has been completed and so on...) and of course, the ability to add difference choices and branches during events and storing flags to further improve the possibilities, it'll give a robust way for my games to get new content not only from me, but any player with ideas and motivation. I'll make the interface easy to use but hard to master. If you tinkered with Glassix xml data files, you might already have an idea of how it'll work.

Community focus

Those tools will be used to easily create and add both generic and unique content, be it worlds or NPCs and by mixing all of those together, my final wish is to increase the replayability value of my games and have new content easily added and shared so that my games don't feel stale too fast. I'll be using those tools myself to create content for my future games but I already know some players have far better stories to tell than mine. Their motivation is often cut short by not having the skill or being afraid of the load of work. Those tools will be available to all easily and content created will be fully given credit for and controlled by their creators. Worlds, bodies, souls and destinies will each have their own interfaces for players to search for new entries and easily download and play them right away and creators will be able to share their creations or make them private for their own use if they wish so.

End word

I'm aware all of this might feel like a huge work load and it is but this is stuff I've done already for the last 10 years+ now. Web dev work and game development actually share a lot of similar logic and I have now doubt I'll be able to deliver what I'm detailing. It will take form slowly though with features being released little by little as more feedback is coming.

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