Hey all! So, news, I decided to forgo TerraFirmaCraft in favor of a mod pack called "Giga Craft." This pack was designed for use playing on a server, but phew is it intense! My system has some difficulty handling it sometimes, must be a crazy server running that. I hope that there's no problem having the pack for just personal use. There's a TON to do, way more than I expected, so we have a possibility of quite the ride! I hope to make a lot of use of the Mine Painter mod, doing a lot of tasty deeeetail. I don't expect the experience to be glitch-free, but so far so good. Hopefully you guys will have fun too! I have no idea what happened to my tablet yesterday. It's working just fine now. o.o Hopefully we can finish the B-Team fan-art on Friday. See you next stream! - Q